Web Cam Modeling on Streamate

Webcam Modeling on Streamate

Streamate: The Best Adult Cam site for Webcam Models?

Streamate is one of the more popular adult webcam platforms online today. It’s difficult to graphically demonstrate this fact because they operate THOUSANDS of “Whitelabel” sites, and the traffic stats for those clone sites don’t count toward the stats of the official Streamate site. For example… GlamCams.com is a popular Streamate clone. But their traffic doesn’t show up in the Streamate traffic stats.

But why does any of that matter for a webcam model? Well as a webcam model you want to position yourself on cam sites that offer steady streams of paying traffic. And Streamate does that pretty well. It goes back to my all-important equation: More Viewers = More Money.

Streamate operates on a “Free To Private” system, which means models spend the majority of their time in a non-nude Free Chat room talking and flirting with guests. Generally speaking, free chat is just that… Free. And the model will not earn money for the time spent in free chat. She can earn tips during that time, but tips are not as common on Streamate as they are on the bigger Free Chat sites, like Chaturbate review.

But that’s OK. Tips are not the primary revenue generator on Streamate. Instead, most models earn money when a viewer requests “Private” or “Exclusive” shows. Unlike the non-nude Free Chat, these premium shows are generally nude and/or explicit. And this is where the models earn most of their money on Streamate.

Private WebCam Shows

Private Shows… Here’s how they work:

Full nudity is not allowed in free chat. So your job as a Streamate model is to tease and arouse your free chat viewers so much that they want to see more. And to see more, they must “Take You Private.” Once they do that, you will be hidden from all the other guests in the room and that one member will be paying you $X.XX per minute. You can set your own per-minute rate up to $5.99.

For the purposes of this article I won’t get into the differences of Streamate’s Private shows vs. Exclusive shows. Suffice it to say, they are pretty similar in that they both operate on the $$$/minute system..

Gold Shows… Here’s how they work:

Streamate offers another popular type of live show called “Gold” Shows. Gold Shows are unique to Streamate. Nobody else offers them. And “Gold” should not be confused with “Tokens” that are so prevalent on other sites.

Running a Gold show is simple:
• Set a special Goal or Prize for your viewers (example: 10 Minute Shower Show)
• Set a Goal amount (example: $100)
• Set a minimum pledge amount (example: $5)
• Set a time limit

Then in your regular non-nude Free Chat room your job is to get all your viewers to pledge “Gold” to help you reach your set goal. If your goal is met within your set time limit, the members will each be charged their pledged amount and you will deliver the promised reward show. Awesome! But if the goal is not met, then the members are not charged, you don’t deliver the promised show, and you didn’t make any money during that time. Not awesome.

But the nice thing about Gold Shows is that a viewer can get in on the action for a relatively small amount. Some guys simply can’t (or won’t) pay $5.99/minute. But they’d happily chip in $10 or $15 for a 15 minute group show. And if you are a good hustler, you can get a lot of guys to chip in toward your goal.

Houston, We Have a Problem…

Ok, so Streamate offers some unique video chat opportunities for their models. And they provide a healthy stream of traffic. BUT! There are a few real problems with Streamate – and they’re serious enough problems that I generally do not recommend them for new cam models.

Streamate 35 Percent Payouts

  • Low Payouts: Streamate only pays their models 35% of the gross. And models from certain geographic areas earn only 30%. So yes, you can make money on Streamate, but other sites (like Chaturbate review and iFriends review) pay 50% to 100%.
  • Free To Private: Not long ago, the free to private system was the BEST way to make money on cam. But things have changed dramatically in recent years, and now most viewers prefer the Free Chat and Tipping model that Chaturbate review uses. It’s now harder than ever to sell $$$/minute Private shows. And I expect this trend to continue. Note: By itself, this is not a reason to stay away from Streamate, but when you consider the low 35% payouts… it gets harder for me to recommend them.
  • Front Page Ranking: Some models have reported difficulties earning good placement on Streamate’s front page. They use several metrics to determine which models to feature on the front page, and it can be a challenge to earn prominent placement. To be featured, it’s recommended that you host frequently (many times a week) and stay on for long periods of time. It also helps to have high-end equipment and a blazing fast internet connection.
  • HD Encoder Horrors: Streamate’s HD video encoder is a notorious pain in the butt. It has a thousand confusing settings, it seems to crash at the worst possible times, and it’s just annoying. This isn’t a reason to reject Streamate, but I suggest keeping an extra bottle of wine in the house for the next time it glitches out on you.

Web Cam Modeling on Streamate

Check my Glossary for help with these terms.
Videochat Options: • Free Chat
• Private/Exclusive Shows
• Gold Shows
• Block Shows
Most Common Videochat: Free Chat » Private | Gold
Streamate models generally spend most of their time in Free Chat attempting to upsell viewers into a Private Show or Gold Show.
Free Chat Required? Yes
Payout Percentage: 30 – 35%
Average Per Minute Rates: $2.99/min – $5.99/min
Maximum Per Minute Rate: $5.99/min
After you’ve been on the service for a while, you can ask Streamate to give you a higher Max Rate. I have heard of some models charging up to $14.99/minute.
Tipping Allowed? Yes
Token Values: n/a
Streamate doesn’t use a token system.
Pay Period: Weekly (cutoff is every Saturday at 5pm PST.)
Payment Methods & Minimum Payout: • Check by mail: (Sent every Wednesday – $20 minimum)
• Check by FedEx: (Sent every Wednesday – $200 minimum, $30 fee)
• Wire payment: (Sent every Friday – $200 minimum, $40 fee)
• Payoneer (Sent every Friday – $100 minimum)
If you don’t reach the minimum in a single pay period your earnings will be rolled over each period until you do.
Payment Hold: 3 Weeks
Fanclub? No
Average Fanclub Monthly Price: n/a
Fanclub Commission: n/a
Sell Pics & Vids? No
Phone Sex Option? No
Earn Money from Replay Videos? No
Suitable for Non-Nude Camming? Yes
Allow Females? Yes
Allow Males? Yes
Allow Couples? Yes
Allow Transgender? Yes
Geo-Block Privacy Protection? Yes
Who Covers Chargebacks? Streamate
Alexa Traffic Rank:


Recommended For: Seasoned camgirls (and guys, couples, transgenders) who prefer one-on-one Private Shows instead of the busy Free Chat rooms on Chaturbate review or MyFreeCams review. You’ll need to hustle to sell Private or Gold shows but that might be less stressful than dealing with dozens (or hundreds of guys in your room at once). The Premium one-on-one features of Streamate are well suited for members who like the $$$/Minute format. But overall, I believe iFriends review is a better choice in this area because the payouts are better and they have an awesome Fanclub feature.


On the surface it seems like Streamate would be a *perfect* solution for any webcam model. They allow females, males, couples, transsexuals… They provide a nice interface… They have good traffic… And they have some cool, unique features, like their “Gold Shows.”

But for some reason I just can’t get past the 35% payouts. There are too many other options out there.

Chaturbate review pays 50%.

iFriends review pays 50 – 100%.

So I’ve always struggled with the idea of Streamate’s 35%. But clearly, there are thousands of camgirls who don’t share my opinion. They login on Streamate and make money there all the time. So to each her own.

I will say that Streamate is best suited for experienced cam models who already know the ropes of selling and hustling the viewers. It’s also a good choice for those who don’t like to deal with the busy Free Chat rooms on Chaturbate.

BUT(!) If you’re also interested in earning residual (hands free) income with your own paysite, then iFriends review might be a better choice for you, because they operate a similar “Free to Private” system , they have higher payouts, and their built-in Fanclub feature is the absolute best in the industry.

How did I do? Did I forget something? Do you agree or disagree with me? Have questions? I want to know. Please drop your thoughts in the comment form below.

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