Web Cam Modeling on MyFreeCams

Web Cam Modeling on MyFreeCams

MyFreeCams – The 800 Pound Gorilla

When MyFreeCams crashed onto the scene, they did to the adult cam business what King Kong did to the Empire State Building… They climbed straight to the top and sent seismic shocks through the entire industry.

Before MFC, sexcams were basically done one way. To see the any significant nudity the viewer had to pay for a “Private” (paid) show – a format in which he was required to exchange dollars for minutes.

At that time, the foundational code among camgirls was to never show nudity in public video chat. And some services made it a bannable offense if the models showed too much “ooh la la” in free chat. In other words, Free Chat meant No Nudity. Period. That’s just the way it was done.

Well in a span of about two years, MyFreeCams changed everything. They made Free Chat the focus, not Private Chat. And the models were actually ENCOURAGED to perform their nude shows right there in free, open video chat rooms.

To make it all work, MFC introduced a revolutionary token tipping system, where the models could be rewarded by an entire crowd of viewers, not just one or two at a time.

A lot of people believed it would never work. I was one of them. I was from the old crowd. Stuck in my ways, and I never dreamed that models would accept doing nude shows in free, open chat.

Free Video Chat vs Private Video Chat

Boy, was I wrong! What happened is this…

The viewers LOVED MFC’s new version of Free Chat. They LOVED being able to sit and hang out with their favorite girls for hours at a time, without worrying about a pay-par-minute clock ticking away and draining their bank accounts.

But the more time they spent watching the chat… and the more guys they saw tipping their favorite models… the more they wanted to participate too. The more they wanted to get in on the action. And a vibrant, new “culture of tipping” was born.

Suddenly poor members (even those who couldn’t afford pay-per-minute private shows on other sites) could participate alongside wealthier members right there in open chat. And together they could reach new goals set my the models. So no single guy was carrying the entire burden. One guy from Boston chips in $5. Another guy from Miami, $10. Another from Vancouver $10. And eighteen others toss in $1 or $2 each. Suddenly – in a matter of minutes – the model has earned $50 and the viewers are rewarded with a nice little peek show.

To my amazement (and others), all this action and camaraderie in the free chat rooms actually made the experience MORE fun and exciting for the models. So instead of sitting and begging guys to “take me private” she could just be free and flirty and creative. Soon enough the models developed all kinds of wild ideas and gimmicks to earn extra tokens. Games, challenges, special privileges, and on, and on… And the tokens kept rollllling in.

Needless to say, MyFreeCams’ brand of Free Chat caught on like wildfire, and in 2009-2010 MyFreeCams grew from a 98 lb. weakling to the 800 lb. gorilla we all know today.

Check this Google Trends screenshot. It shows what happened when MyFreeCams reached critical mass in 2009. In terms of popularity and global Google searches, MFC skyrocketed to the top while the other top-tier platforms stagnated. (source)

Google Trends: Web Cam Modeling on MyFreeCams

Beware the Gorilla Slayer

It has been said that “All Glory is Fleeting.” MySpace, Google+, Napster, and Blackberry… they all know about fleeting glory. They’ve all been outplayed and outlasted by superior companies and services. Could MyFreeCams face a similar fate?

In 2011, a new adult webcam upstart called Chaturbate review hit the scene. They borrowed heavily from the Free Chat and Tokens model that MyFreeCams invented (and to this day both sites operate in similar ways). But Chaturbate incorporated dozens of their own improvements designed to enhance the user experience and make it even more enjoyable for the models.

These enhancements have been wildly popular with both viewers and models, and as a result Chaturbate has absolutely dominated MyFreeCams (and all the other adult cam sites) in terms of growth and popularity. Compare this Google Trends chart with the one above. (source)

Google Trends: Chaturbate MyFreeCams Live Jasmin Streamate iFriends

I think it’s pretty obvious that Chaturbate review has been crushing the competition since 2013.

And it’s easy to understand why. They took all the best things about MyFreeCams and made them better. They opened their doors to couples, males, and transgender models (MFC allows women only). They removed the age limits (MFC won’t allow camgirls over 45). And they added some very cool, money-making chat apps that transform regular chatrooms into interactive games.

All of these things have contributed to Chaturbate’s success, and they’re just a few of the many reasons I now recommend Chaturbate over MyFreeCams – ESPECIALLY for brand new models who are just starting out in the web cam modeling business.

If you’d like to know more about Chaturbate, I invite you to check out my full-length Chaturbate Review.

Since MyFreeCams and Chaturbate share so many commonalities, I’ve prepared this point-by-point comparison:

Web Cam Modeling on MyFreeCams vs. Chaturbate

Check my Glossary for help with these terms.
  MyFreeCams Chaturbate
Videochat Options: • Free Chat
• Premium/Private Chat
• Group Chat
• Free Chat
• Premium/Private Chat
• Group Chat
Most Common Videochat: Free Chat Free Chat
Free Chat Required? Yes Yes
Payout Percentage: 50% – 63% 50% – 62.5%
Average Per Minute Rates: $6.00/min $3.00/min – $6.00/min
Maximum Per Minute Rate: $8.00/min $9.00/min
Tipping Allowed? Yes Yes
Token Values: • Members pay $.08 to $.10 per token to purchase
• Models receive $.05 per token earned
• Members pay $.08 to $.10 per token to purchase
• Models receive $.05 per token earned
Pay Period: Bi-Weekly (cutoffs are the 15th and 31st of each month)
There are no holds. Payments are released immediately on the first business day after the pay period.

Bi-Weekly (cutoffs are the 7th and 22nd of each month)
Daily Payouts are not bound by the bi-weekly dates. Regular payouts are released after a one-week hold.

Minimum Payout: • Direct Deposit: $20
• Check by mail: $20
• Payoneer: $20
• Paxum: $10
• Bank Wires: $1,000
• ePay Services: $10
If you don’t reach the minimum in a single pay period your earnings will be rolled over each period until you do.
• Daily Payouts: $20
• Direct Deposit: $20
• Check by mail: $50
• Check by Fedex: $200
• Payoneer: $50
• Paxum: $100
• Bank Wires: $1,000
If you don’t reach the minimum in a single pay period your earnings will be rolled over each period until you do.
Payment Hold: Next Business Day 7 Days
Payment Options: Check, Direct Deposit, Bank Wire, Payoneer, Paxum, ePay Services Check, Direct Deposit, Bank Wire, Payoneer, Paxum
Fanclub? No Yes
Average Fanclub Monthly Price: n/a $15 – $30/month
Set your own price.
Fanclub Commission: n/a 40% – 50%
Depends on the membership price.
Sell Pics & Vids? Yes Yes
Phone Sex Option? No No
Earn Money from Replay Videos? No No
Suitable for Non-Nude Camming? No No
Allow Females? Yes Yes
Allow Males? No Yes
Allow Couples? No Yes
Allow Transgender? No Yes
Geo-Block Privacy Protection? Yes Yes
Who Covers Chargebacks? MyFreeCams
MyFreeCams almost never passes chargebacks to the models.
Chaturbate almost never passes chargebacks to the models.
Alexa Traffic Rank: MyFreeCams Alexa Traffic Stats


Chaturbate Alexa Traffic Stats

Note: Chaturbate powers THOUSANDS of Whitelabel clone sites (like http://CHT.XXX). And the traffic for those sites is not included in the Alexa traffic stats. So they should probably be ranked even higher.(source)

Recommended For: If Chaturbate didn’t exist, I would confidently recommend MyFreeCams to any female chat hosts between 18 and 45. Having said that, both platforms are superb. They’re both built on a Free Chat and Tokens model, and they each offer Private Chat shows as well. In the end, I believe Chaturbate review is the clear winner. CB has more traffic, they’re still growing at a historic rate, they offer better features, and they are open to everyone, regardless of age (18+), gender, sexual preference, etc. Unlike MyFreeCams, Chaturbate is open to couples, males, and transgender models. Chaturbate also does not use a MFC-style Cam Score system, which is good – particularly for new, beginning models.


Some might say that it’s not fair to make such a direct comparison between MyFreeCams and Chaturbate. But I would argue that it’s a very valid comparison to make. The sites share many similarities in the way they operate, but they also have several key differences.

Overall, I believe (as do many other camgirls) that right now… today… Chaturbate review is the best place to host Free Chat cam shows – especially if you’re a beginner. I am friends with 4 different models who have left MyFreeCams and they now chat full-time on Chaturbate. I have also read at least a dozen other accounts of girls who’ve defected from MFC to CB. I say this not to be controversial; I’m just reporting the ground-level facts that I’m seeing.

MFC’s cam score algorithm is a real problem for some girls. It adds unnecessary stress, and the way it’s calculated leaves room for some of the studio girls to cheat. I won’t go into that here… I’ll just say it has been a consistent stress for many models for years, and they feel a great sense of relief when they go to Chaturbate, where they don’t use a cam score.

Interestingly, both sites boast a number of models who’ve each generated $MILLIONS of dollars. That’s not to say everyone enjoys that kind of success, but it’s awesome to know that it’s a possibility.

In the end you may want to try each and judge for yourself. Each site has its own “personality.” And even though they function in similar ways, each has it’s own “feel.”

If you’d like to investigate Chaturbate a little deeper before you decide, you can read my complete Chaturbate review right here.

Questions, comments, or concerns about MyFreeCams? Post them in the comment form below! I’m eager to know your thoughts, and I want to help answer your questions if I can.

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