Web Cam Modeling on iFriends

Web Cam Modeling on iFriends

iFriends Rocks

iFriends is the granddaddy of all adult chat and webcam networks. They opened for business on Valentine’s Day, 1998. Through the years they pioneered many innovations that have been borrowed and copied by dozens of other cam sites.

Today they still offer the most robust, feature-rich platform in the industry. Their built-in Fanclub feature is second to none, in that it allows each model to run her very own Paysite, complete with content management, pictures, HD videos, webcam replays, private phone sex calls, newsletters, gifts, wishlists, and much more.

Another huge and unique benefit offered by iFriends is that they offer true 100% Payouts to their models. Which means if you recruit a new member to the platform (through one of your special promotional links) you will earn 100% of the money that member spends on you for life. 100% in videochat. 100% in Fanclub memberships. 100% in phone sex. 100% in video sales. You get it all… and you don’t even have to pay the credit card billing charges. iFriends pays those fees on your behalf.

Somebody Call the Morgue

So all of that is great! But there’s one massive, unavoidable problem with iFriends… Traffic.

Google Trends: iFriends vs. Chaturbate

iFriends’ traffic is at an all-time low, and there’s no sign of it improving. The screenshot above shows the Google Trends Search Interest for the keywords iFriends vs. Chaturbate (source). As someone who’s worked on iFriends since 2004, this is a stunning display. I’ve watched this happen live, in real-time.

iFriends was once the world leader in this industry. They had 2000 live chat rooms running 24/7 and every chat room was teaming with viewers.

At that time, Chaturbate review didn’t exist. They didn’t arrive on the scene until 2011, and by then, iFriends had basically flatlined.

So why am I wasting time even talking about iFriends? They’re dead, right?

Well no, iFriends isn’t dead at all. In fact, I still receive fat, juicy paychecks from iFriends every single week. And there are many camgirls still making great money on iFriends. You just have to know what you’re doing.

First and foremost, if you’re a beginner, don’t start on iFriends. You’ll just be frustrated by the lack of traffic and money. I’ve been with them for over a decade, and if I were starting over today, I would not start there. (Keep reading and I’ll show you exactly what I would do if I were just starting out.)

BUT! If you’re already hosting elsewhere, and if you already have a few fans, then you should ABSOLUTELY consider adding iFriends to your business strategy.

iFriends Registration

Benefits of Webcam Modeling on iFriends

  • The Fanclub: I cannot stress enough what a powerful tool the iFriends Fanclub system can be for those who use it properly. If you’ve ever thought about building your own paysite, there’s no need. The iFriends Fanclub is just like a paysite, without all the hassles and burdens. You can charge your members up to $30 per month, and iFriends handles all of the membership issues for you (recurring billing, passwords, cancellations, content management, customer service, etc.) The absolute BEST thing about your iFriends Fanclub is that you will see those memberships renewing month after month. With no additional work on your part. I still have a few members in my Fanclub who’ve been with me since 2004, and those guys have paid me $30 every month for 12 years!
  • 100% Payouts: iFriends offers their models 100% Payouts. They give you a special 100% promotional link (this is what mine looks like: http://www.ifriends.net/visitme/AMYLOCKHEART). And if a member joins iFriends through that special link, you will enjoy 100% payouts on the that member for life. In other words, if that member joins your Fanclub, or calls you on the phone, or visits your videochat… you do not have the usual 50/50 split on the revenues. iFriends keeps 0% and they pay you 100%.
  • Private vs. Free Chat: iFriends is primarily a Private / Premium Chat site. In other words, when you’re logged into an iFriends Premium chat room, you are covered by a protective wrapper that hides your live feed. The only way the viewer can see you is if he clicks the “Go Private” button. When he goes Private, the clock immediately starts ticking and he’s charged for every minute that he spends with you behind the wrapper. Many models prefer this setup over a Free Chat system, like Chaturbate, because you’re dealing with only one person at a time, and not hundreds. Note: iFriends offers Free Chat too, but it’s inferior to CB’s Free Chat in every conceivable way. For the best results, use CB for Free Chat and iFriends for Private Chat.
  • Whales: High Rollers (a.k.a. Webcam Whales) often prefer iFriends-style Private cam shows over the free-for-all shows on Chaturbate. Not always, but OFTEN. They don’t want to share you. They want you all to themselves. And they’re willing to pay for that privilege. So the camgirls who consistently make the most money on iFriends are the ones who: [A] attract regular big spenders and [B] promote their Fanclubs.
  • Phone Sex: Built-in to iFriends’ Fanclub system is the ability for you to safely take phone sex calls even when you’re not doing cam shows online. This can be quite profitable, as the system is designed to pay you anywhere from $2 to $5 per minute just for talking on the phone. It’s a fantastic feature, and it’s a perfect money maker when you don’t feel like turning on your cam.

The Master Plan

As I said earlier, I do not think new, first-time camgirls will be satisfied by starting out on iFriends. But I’ve also explained why and how iFriends can still be EXTREMELY lucrative. So I’ve designed a strategy that utilizes iFriends in an ingenious way. Nobody else is doing it, but I can tell you, it works like magic.

I call this strategy Amy’s Master Plan, and I’ve written a 7 Part guide that puts it all together in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step tutorial. You can read the entire E-Book for free right here: Amy’s Master Plan.

Amy's Master Plan

I hope that you will take the time to digest that guide, because it is the *exact* strategy I would use if I were brand new and just starting out for the first time.

Web Cam Modeling on iFriends

Check my Glossary for help with these terms.
Videochat Options: • Premium/Private Chat
• Free Chat
• Free Fanclub Chat
Most Common Videochat: Premium/Private Chat
Free Chat Required? No
Payout Percentage: 35% – 100%
Average Per Minute Rates: $2.99/min – $5.99/min
Maximum Per Minute Rate: $9.99/min
Tipping Allowed? Yes
Pay Period: Weekly (12:00am Sunday – 11:59pm Saturday EST)
Electronic payments usually arrive every Thursday.
Minimum Payout: $100
If you don’t earn at least $100 in a week your earnings will be rolled over until you reach the minimum.
Payment Hold: 10% for 6 months
Payment Options: Check, Direct Deposit, Payoneer
Fanclub? Yes
Average Fanclub Monthly Price: $14.99 – $29.99/month
Set your own price.
Fanclub Commission: 50% – 100%
If you refer the member with your special promotional link, you get 100% commission. Otherwise, you receive 50%.
Sell Pics & Vids? Yes
Phone Sex Option? Yes
Earn Money from Replay Videos? Yes
Suitable for Non-Nude Camming? Yes
Allow Females? Yes
Allow Males? Yes
Allow Couples? Yes
Allow Transgender? Yes
Geo-Block Privacy Protection? Yes
Who Covers Chargebacks? It depends.
They offer a “Guaranteed Payment Option” that will protect you from chargebacks, but selecting that option reduces your standard payout from 50% to 35%. This is another reason I recommend recruiting your own members. They are more likely to know you and less likely to chargeback. Plus, if you recruit them, you will get 100%.
Alexa Traffic Rank:

Recommended For: Established, solo camgirls looking to expand their income. The Fanclub feature and 100% Payout options are excellent money makers, and if you can refer new members, you can boost your income dramatically. At this time, I would not suggest iFriends to solo men, transsexual models, or couples (due to low traffic and limited demand). Chaturbate review is more suitable for those niches, IMO.


I’ve been an avid iFriends supporter since I first entered the webcam modeling business in 2004, and I’ve made a TON of money on their platform.

But in recent years iFriends has struggled to maintain its traffic and market share. So iFriends is still a great supplemental platform for established camgirls who can drive some of their own traffic. But it’s not, in my opinion, the best choice for brand new models. Chaturbate review is the best choice for beginners.

Having said that, iFriends Fanclub feature will always be part of my own business strategy because the 100% Payouts are the highest in the industry.

iFriends Registration

Questions, comments, or concerns about iFriends? Post them in the comment form below! I want to know your thoughts, and I’m eager to help answer your questions if I can.

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