Web Cam Modeling on Chaturbate

Webcam Modeling on Chaturbate

Chaturbate – The Best Adult Webcam Site on Earth

It’s no small thing to single out one particular adult web cam site and call it “The Best” in the world. There’s a LOT of competition out there, and all of the top contenders have quality platforms. But as of this writing (November 2018) Chaturbate stands head and shoulders above them all.

I believe this for many reasons, but as a webcam model, the #1 reason is traffic, traffic, traffic. Since 2013 Chaturbate has been absolutely killing all the other cam sites in terms of attracting new, paying members. The stats don’t lie… viewers seem to be abandoning other platforms and flocking to Chaturbate in a big way.

Here’s a chart from Google Trends comparing the top sexcam sites. It measures the Search Interest of people using Google. (source)

Google Trends: Chaturbate, MyFreeCams, Streamate, iFriends

The Alexa Global Rank is a completely different trend measurement, but they show similar results. The graphs below are loaded directly from Alexa.com and are updated in real-time, so this is up-to-the-minute data. (BTW… Lower numbers on the left-hand side are better. Chaturbate is now one of the top 350 trafficked sites on Earth. MyFreeCams has fallen to the top 1100. Streamate is down to the top 10,000. And poor iFriends… they’re waaay down to the top 73,000.)

As a webcam model it helps to know these stats because More Viewers = More Money. Plain and simple.

But what explains this exponential growth? Why is Chaturbate dominating the competition so definitively?

Well there are lots of reasons, but the short answer is very simple… The members genuinely LOVE spending time there. CB has a uniquely addicting quality similar to MyFreeCams, but Chaturbate has managed to take the user experience to a whole new level. And members truly love it. They come back every day and they spend huge amounts of time there.

Which brings up another equation you can take to the bank… More Time = More Money. The longer a guy spends chatting, watching – or even thinking about you while you’re offline – the more money you’re likely to make on him. So you want to get guys in your room and keep them as long as possible. And Chaturbate’s addicting platform makes that easy.

So we’ve established that VIEWERS love Chaturbate. But what about the MODELS? Why are webcam models leaving other platforms and flocking to Chaturbate?

The Top 7 Reasons Models Love Chaturbate

  • Traffic: I think I already covered this pretty well. But it’s a big deal to have sufficient traffic, especially when you’re just beginning.
  • It’s Fun: But don’t believe me. Believe your own eyes with this little test. Go over to Chaturbate and then visit the free cams over at iFriends or Streamate. And just watch some random rooms for a while. Now… count the smiles on the models faces. And count how many times YOU smile or laugh while watching them. Those other sites offer great platforms and some awesome features, but Chaturbate models just seem to have more fun. CB is a vibrant, upbeat atmosphere and that elevates the models attitudes. You can see it in their faces and hear it in their voices.
  • Everyone’s Welcome: Since they both operate on the “Free Chat” model, Chaurbate is often compared to MyFreeCams. But CB offers several key advantages over MFC. First and foremost, Chaturbate is open to ALL genders, ages (18+), couples, transgenders, sexual preferences, etc… MyFreeCams is restricted to females age 18-45 only. So naturally, CB attracts a wider segment of the population. And that means, as a model, you will enjoy a greater audience regardless of your niche or fetish. For example, Transgenders, Gays, and Matures are not allowed on MFC, but they do very well on CB.
  • No Cam Score: Another advantage Chaturbate has over MyFreeCams is the lack of something called, “Cam Score.” Cam Score is the method MFC uses to sort and organize the cams on the front page of their site. The higher your score, the higher your rank, and the more traffic you get. As you might imagine, MFC’s cam score is *extremely* competitive, and most models don’t like having to battle against each other just to earn exposure on the site. Also… Cam score is a particularly difficult issue for brand new models on MFC because they’re at a significant disadvantage as they’re forced to compete against established models who already have lots of fans and followers. So Chaturbate doesn’t use cam score at all, and most models find their system to be more fair as a result.
  • Tipping Culture: Chaturbate has managed to build a fun and addicting culture of tipping. Oftentimes, the members work together (via tips) to reach certain monetary goals. Then they are rewarded by the model each time a new goal is achieved. It’s a great system, because there’s a camaraderie that develops between the members as they help each other earn rewards. Other times you’ll see the members competing against each other to outdo one another. It’s an ego thing. It’s a “my dick is bigger than yours” thing. It’s a “she likes me more because I gave her a bigger tip” thing. Either way, this culture of tipping is infectious and you’ll see guys that just can’t help themselves. It’s very powerful and irresistible for them – and it means more money for you.
  • Daily Payouts: Chaturbate is the only top-tier cam site that offers their models DAILY Payouts. So you no longer have to wait weeks to get your money. If your rent is due or if you have a big bill coming due, it’s nice to know that you can have your cash direct deposited into your bank account right way.
  • Ease of Use: Chaturbate is incredibly easy to use. Coming from iFriends (the world’s most over-featured, over-bloated cam site), Chaturbate is a breath of fresh air. You can sign up and broadcast immediately – as in right now. No waiting or hassles.

Why I Recommend Chaturbate Over All Other Cam Sites

Can you tell that I’m a big Chaturbate fan? Well I am. So much so that if I were starting over today, I would select Chaturbate over all the competitors. No doubt whatsoever.

I may add other services later, but I would begin with CB.

In over a decade as a webcam model, I’ve never seen a faster way to earn your first web cam modeling paycheck. You can sign up fast, broadcast fast, get traffic fast, and start raking in tips – all in an energetic, fun environment.

Plus: Unlike MyFreeCams, Chaturbate is open for everyone. Male, Female, Couples, Transgenders, Gay, Straight, Young (18+), Old… it doesn’t matter who you are… you’re invited.

Chaturbate Registration

Web Cam Modeling on Chaturbate

Check my Glossary for help with these terms.
Videochat Options: • Free Chat
• Premium/Private Chat
• Group Chat
Most Common Videochat: Free Chat
If you work on CB, you should expect Free Chat – and working for tokens – to be your bread & butter. That’s how most Chaturbate models make the big bucks. Yes, Private shows are available, but most models find that they make more money in Free Chat.
Free Chat Required? Yes
Payout Percentage: 50% – 62.5%
Average Per Minute Rates: $3.00/min – $6.00/min
Maximum Per Minute Rate: $9.00/min
Tipping Allowed? Yes
Token Values: • Members pay $.08 to $.10 per token to purchase
• Models receive $.05 per token earned
Pay Period: Bi-Weekly (cutoffs are the 7th and 22nd of each month)
After a one-week hold, your payment will be released according to your preferred payout method. Daily Payouts are not bound by the bi-weekly dates.
Minimum Payout: • Daily Payouts: $20
• Check by mail: $50
• Check by Fedex: $200
• Payoneer: $50
• Paxum: $100
• Bank Wires: $1,000
If you don’t reach the minimum in a single pay period your earnings will be rolled over each period until you do.
Payment Hold: 7 Days
Payment Options: Check, Direct Deposit, Bank Wire, Payoneer, Paxum
Fanclub? Yes
Average Fanclub Monthly Price: $15 – $30/month
Set your own price.
Fanclub Commission: 40% – 50%
Depends on the membership price.
Sell Pics & Vids? Yes
Phone Sex Option? No
Earn Money from Replay Videos? No
Suitable for Non-Nude Camming? No
There are a couple of non-nude models who’ve done well on CB, but they are exceptions to the rule. The platform really isn’t optimized for non-nude modeling. So it’s not impossible, but I think you’d have to be super creative to make it work.
Allow Females? Yes
Allow Males? Yes
Allow Couples? Yes
Allow Transgender? Yes
Geo-Block Privacy Protection? Yes
Who Covers Chargebacks? Chaturbate
There are rare occasions where the model will be liable for a chargeback, but they are uncommon. Chaturbate is very good about banning and fighting back against viewers who try to trigger chargebacks.
Alexa Traffic Rank:

Note: Chaturbate powers THOUSANDS of Whitelabel clone sites (like http://CHT.XXX). And the traffic for those sites is not included in the Alexa traffic stats. So they should probably be ranked even higher.(source)

Recommended For: Everyone. Chaturbate is my #1 recommended adult webcam site. Whether you’re brand new or an old pro… Chaturbate delivers the most essential ingredient that every cam model needs – Traffic. Traffic is the lifeblood of your business, and CB delivers viewers better than anyone. CB is open to all genders, couples and ages over 18. They offer excellent payouts, tons of unique money makers, and DAILY payments.


It’s hard to overstate how profoundly Chaturbate has influenced the adult webcam industry. In the short years since their launch, they have grown exponentially, while every other top-tier cam site has lost market share. It’s true… People are flocking to CB in masses because the site is just more fun. It’s truly free. And it’s addicting.

I’m a recent convert too. I have been an iFriends model since 2004, and I’m a big iFriends fan. But Chaturbate has won me over, and I honestly believe (for all the reasons outlined above) that CB is the best place to launch a web cam modeling career today.

If you’d like to begin modeling on Chaturbate, you can register here.

Chaturbate Registration

Questions, comments, or concerns about Chaturbate? Post them in the comment form below! I want to know your thoughts, and I’m eager to help answer your questions if I can.

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