Start Here: A Fast and Easy Guide for Webcam Models

How to Become a Webcam Model – Start Here

Start Here: A Fast and Easy Guide for Webcam Models

Amy Hi, I’m Amy Lockheart (about me). I have been a webcam model since 2004 and my career as a camgirl has totally revolutionized my life. Seriously… camming has given me so much financial freedom and so many wonderful opportunities, I want to share what I’ve learned with you.

That’s precisely why I built It is designed to help even the newest newbie start from ZERO and progress all the way into a Million Dollar Webcam Career.

This page is simply a Table of Contents designed to walk you through the process. As you will see, many of my resources work in a step-by-step fashion and this page should help to keep you on course.

Let’s Get Started…

★ Webcam Modeling 101: Pros and Cons

If you’re unsure whether web cam modeling is a good fit for you, you might begin with this article.

2018 UPDATE: The Pros and Cons article grew to over 3000 words, so I broke it into two separate pages:
The 12 Best Things and The 10 Worst Things.

★ 10 Steps to Success

If you’re convinced that webcam modeling is a good fit for you, then my 10 Steps to Success article will help to get you started TODAY. This article is a tightly woven package that will set you up with all the essentials and you’ll be earning money before you know it.

Amy's Master Plan - Guide for Webcam Models

★ Amy’s Master Plan – My Guide to Building a Million Dollar Webcam Career – [E-Book]

Amy’s Master Plan is my magnum opus on the topic of webcam modeling. Originally sold as a $20 E-Book, this guide goes into much greater detail than the 10 Steps to Success article, and it covers several advanced, money-making topics. It is written for brand-new beginners, but advances quickly into expert-level topics.

2018 UPDATE: Amy’s Master Plan is no longer for sale – it’s FREE! The entire E-Book has been reformatted and republished right here on WebcamPayday.

★ How To Select the Perfect Screen Name

This article will take you deep in to the strategy and psychology of choosing an ideal Stage Name. There’s more to it than you might think. This page also includes a handy Name Checker Tool so you can quickly determine if anyone else is using your desired Stage Name.

★ Webcam Modeling on Chaturbate

This is my full-length review of Chaturbate. I carefully document why I believe Chaturbate is the #1 Best Adult Cam Site on earth – especially for new and first-time webcam models.

★ Webcam Modeling on iFriends

This is my full-length review of iFriends. This article reveals why iFriends is not the best choice for new web cam models, but may be the perfect choice for experienced camgirls who can drive their own traffic.

★ Webcam Modeling on MyfreeCams

This is my full-length review of MyfreeCams. Since they are fairly similar services, this page carefully compares MyFreeCams to Chaturbate and reveals why Chaturbate is the obvious winner.

★ Webcam Modeling on Streamate

This is my full-length review of Streamate. Among other things, this page documents why I believe Streamate is not the best cam site for new models.

★ Webcam Modeling on Live Jasmin

This is my full-length review of Live Jasmin. After reading this page, you’ll understand why I never recommend Live Jasmine to aspiring camgirls.

★ Webcam Modeling 101: Glossary of Terms and Definitions

Huge page of common webcam terms and definitions. If you’re stuck not knowing the meaning of a particular word or phrase, check this page.

About the Color Buttons

As you surf around WebcamPayday, you’ll undoubtedly notice a bunch of brightly colored buttons for the various cam sites like these:

Chaturbate review

iFriends review

Streamate review

MyFreeCams review

Live Jasmin review

In case it’s not obvious, the colored buttons are shortcuts that will take you directly to the corresponding site. The “review” button will take you to my WebcamPayday review of that site.

Get Help When You Need It

As you progress through the various articles and lessons on WebcamPayday, don’t hesitate to reach out for help. I’ve included a Comment Form at the bottom of each page. If something in an article doesn’t make sense, or if you have questions, please let me know. I will get back to you PRONTO.



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