How to Select the Perfect Webcam Modeling Screen Name

Choose the Perfect Screen Name

In the wild world of webcam modeling, your screen name is your Trademark. It’s a Brand, just like Coca-Cola or Pepsi. Your Name is often the very first thing people will know about you, and it is the keyword they will type when they search for you. So if you plan to promote yourself heavily and turn camming into a real career you should select an excellent, highly brandable name at the very beginning.

I want to say at the outset however, that this isn’t rocket science and it’s not a make-or-break decision. In other words, DO NOT let your choice of a screen name hold you back from getting online. Just do your best and adjust as necessary later on. Also… these are just my opinions based on my own experiences. Do with them as you please.

To choose the best, most effective webcam modeling screen name keep these tips in mind:

#1. Make it Memorable

More than anything, you want your name to be easily remembered. If viewers can’t remember your name, of if they have a hard time spelling it, they won’t be able to search for you.

One trick to make your username more memorable is to incorporate rhyming, like MANDYSCANDY or SASSYCASSY. Pretty hard to forget those names.

Another strategy is to use alliteration, like JACKOFFJANE or KELLYKINKADE. Again, pretty unforgettable names, and they’re extremely brandable.

I would try to aim for four syllables or less. At least in my mind, names with five or six syllables are too cumbersome. Three or four are better.

#2. Keep it Short

This goes hand-in hand with #1 above. Shorter is better. Your chat name will be propagated through various RSS feeds, search engine results, webcam interfaces, etc, etc. And if your name is too long it will often get truncated or cutoff. Shorter chat names won’t have that issue.

More than that, your chat name should be easy for your fans to type. They’ll often type your name into a search box to find you, and you want to make that as easy as possible for them. …especially considering that many of them will be typing with only one hand (for obvious reasons).

#3. Make Sure it’s Easy to Spell

Again this directly relates to the previous points. People will be typing out your name, so you want to make the spelling as foolproof as possible.

Generally speaking, I would avoid special characters like dashes or underscores. Sometimes they’re handy, but it becomes problematic when the user is typing out your name, “Was that a dash or an underscore, I don’t remember.”

Likewise, I would probably avoid getting too cutesy with using “Z” instead of “S” or “XX” instead of “X”. These variations might look cool, but people will often forget and type the wrong thing, “Was that SUPERSEXY, or SUPERSEXXY, or SUPERSEXXXY?”

#4. Be Descriptive

Ideally, your webcam modeling screen name should be suggestive of who you are and/or what you provide. So start there. Ask yourself “Who am I?” and “What do I offer?” Grab a notepad and jot down the answers. That will give you a solid place to start.

If you are a college-aged model, then you’re looking for keywords that feel young and fun. Consider incorporating words that indicate your youth… COLLEGE, COED, SWEET, CUTIE, INNOCENT. **Note: Some words are off limits on some sites. TEEN, BABY, YOUNG, 17, etc. So I would avoid words that might suggest you’re underage.

If you’re older, then consider keywords that connote a higher degree of sophistication… LADY, MISTRESS, MS, MILF, MATURE, COUGAR, EROTIC.

If you have some unique qualities, abilities, or fetishes, then definitely consider adding them to your webcam modeling screen name… BBW, BUSTY, BOOBS, BLONDE, EBONY, ASIAN, LATINA, REDHEAD, SQUIRTS, FEMDOM, KINKY, TRANS, etc…

#5. Incorporate a Real Name

Never forget that in the webcam world, viewers want to make REAL connections with REAL camgirls, not just naked images on their screens. So you want to be as real and approachable as possible – and your chat name plays a key role in that psychology. That’s why I normally suggest using a real-sounding, personal name and not something generic. For example, names like ALEXAJAMES and JAMIESQUIRTS are better, more brandable, choices than BIGTITS4U or HOTSEXYGIRL.

TIP #1: Some sites like Facebook require you to use an “authentic” name to create a profile. So HOLLYSINCLAIR will work but CURVYKRISTIN won’t. If you plan to promote yourself on Facebook a plain, boring, real-sounding name like AMYLOCKHEART is the best way to go.

TIP #2: If you need inspiration to come up with the perfect real name, check a site like NameBerry. They have thousands of names alphabetized A-Z.

Best Webcam Modeling Screen Names

#6. Putting it all Together – Building the Perfect Webcam Modeling Screen Name

Ok, so let’s take the bullet points above and build some awesome, brandable screen names.

  • KIMBERLYKANE – Just about perfect. Real name. Facebook friendly. Could be any age. Alliteration. Easy to spell and remember. Awesome name.
  • ASHLEYDRAKE – Again, just about perfect. Real name. Facebook friendly. Sounds young and fun. Easy to spell and remember. Awesome name.
  • BUSTYBRITNEY – Sounds like a real girl. Young. Perhaps college age. With big boobs. Alliteration. Easy to spell and remember.
  • MISTRESSJANE – Real girl. Sounds seductive, naughty, and taboo. Could be 20s-50s. Connotes fetish play. Easy to spell and remember.
  • LADYMADELINE – Sounds upscale and sophisticated. Could be 30s-60s. Suggests fetish play and/or femdom. Easy to remember.
  • CASSIDYCOED – Sounds like a real college girl. Alliteration. Easy to spell and remember, but has limited shelf-life (she won’t be 20 forever).
  • EBONYJADE – Sounds exotic, multicultural. Appealing to viewers attracted to non-white women. Short. Easy to spell and remember.
  • SARAHSQUIRTS – Real girl. Uses popular hardcore niche/fetish. Alliteration. Could be any age. Easy to spell and remember.
  • KIM-N-JASON – Real couple. Uses dashes which is not ideal, but helpful in this instance. Short. Easy to spell and remember.
  • ANGELABLONDE – Real girl. Sounds glamorous. Blonde. Could be 20s-50s. Easy to spell and remember.
  • INNOCENT19 – Great username, but not super brandable. Easy to spell and remember, but it’s too generic in that it could apply to anyone of college age. INNOCENTJANE would be more personable and brandable IMO.

Those are just random examples. I could see any of those names in big neon lights. Give it a try and come up with your own list. Then run your selections through the next step.

#7. Verify that Your Screen Name is Not Already in Use

As I said earlier, it’s a good idea to treat your Screen Name like it’s your Trademark. Ideally, you don’t want to share that Trademark with anyone else. You want to nail it down and OWN the name as best you can. Example… do a Google search for AMY LOCKHEART. As of this writing, I own 8 of the top 10 Google listings for those keywords. If a fan searches for my name, they can’t miss me. That should be your goal too.

So the last thing I would do before settling on a specific username is run it through a series of checks to verify that it’s not already being used by another cam model. I’d also check to see if the corresponding Twitter, Facebook, and Domain names are available. The tool below will help you with that task.

Desired Screen Name:

Personally, I would not use a screen name that is already being used on any of the major cam sites. The Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, and domain names probably aren’t as critical because you can use workarounds like “THE-YOURNAME” or “OFFICIAL-YOURNAME” on those other services. But you definitely don’t want two or three other camgirls running around using YOUR name.


I *really* want to know your thoughts (and questions) about choosing the perfect webcam modeling screen name. I also want to know what awesome chat names YOU come up with. So please take a moment to leave your comments below.

Also, I hope you’ll take a moment to like, bookmark, and share this page with anyone who might need some solid advice on the topic.

I said above that choosing the perfect screen name is not rocket science. That’s true. And if you’re camming just as a hobby then you really don’t have to think about it too much; almost anything will work for the short term. But if you want to turn webcam modeling into a serious career then you should put some extra thought (and strategy) into your choice of a username. A little extra planning now is sure to pay off for years to come.



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