How to Build a Million Dollar Webcam Career – Section 7

How To Build a Million Dollar Webcam Career 7

Amy’s Master Plan – My Guide to Building a Million Dollar Webcam Career

Welcome to Section 7! This section will conclude the Amy’s Master Plan E-Book. I hope that my ideas have inspired and compelled you to take your webcam business to new heights. If you just landed on this page and haven’t yet completed the earlier sections, I recommend going back and starting from the beginning. Section 7 will be largely irrelevant if you haven’t completed the earlier sections first.

I still have a number of important tips that I want to share with you, but before we jump in, I want to congratulate you. Really. You’ve done a fantastic job.

Especially if you’re a relatively new webcam model… the fact that you’ve persevered, taken action, and completed this guide from cover to cover means that you are LIGHT YEARS ahead of most other newbie models.

I mean no disrespect to them, but it’s true… SO MANY wannabe models are what I call “floppers;” they flop online and just expect the money to roll in like magic. And if/when the cash doesn’t come they assume that someone else is to blame. But that’s not you! You’ve proven that you’re not a flopper. You’ve taken this endeavor seriously and you’re treating it like a real business. You’ve refused to quit. You’re making executive decisions. You’re practicing discipline in your scheduling. You’re expanding your business. And you know what? You’re now positioned to make SERIOUS MONEY in this industry. I’m not kidding.

So please take a moment. Be your own cheerleader. Pat yourself on the back. You deserve it!

Section 7: Building Your Retirement


  1. Section 1: Building Your Mind
  2. Section 2: Building Your “You”
  3. Section 3: Building Your Playground
  4. Section 4: Getting Online!
  5. Section 5: Building Your Fanbase
  6. Section 7: Building Your Retirement

Rinse & Repeat

Rinse and Repeat

Alright, so now we’re on to the business of Building Your Retirement. Well the good news is, if you’ve walked step-by-step through this guide, then your foundation is already laid. The infrastructure is already in place. It’s no longer a matter of how to do it. It’s only a question of whether or not you will continue do it.

You’ve been Rinsing and Repeating since the end of Section 5. And you should recognize by now that CONSISTENCY is a major part of the success formula. When you find something that works, do it over and over again. When you find a strategy that brings in lots of new followers or Fanclub members, do it frequently. When you find a gimmick that makes guys tip you more, make it a common part of your routine. When you uncover a new secret to boosting your FC retention rates, keep doing it (fresh HD videos help a lot, by the way).

This all goes back to the discussion we had in Section 1 about scheduling. Imagine that your cam shows are like TV episodes. They need to come on frequently, and at fairly predictable times. Because if you are consistent with your schedule, you will have a number of fans who look forward to your next show just exactly the same way you look forward to seeing your favorite show(s). INB4 “I have a DVR” or “I watch Netflix” (smartypants).

I mention all of this here because that’s what Rinse & Repeat is all about.

Survivor TV Show

After 32 seasons Survivor is still on TV, and they still have a huge following of die-hard fans that tune in every week. Over 32 seasons they have incorporated a variety of gimmicks and plot twists, but the show is essentially the same as it was the first time it aired 15+ years ago.

This is the very definition of Rinse & Repeat. And now that you have your business built on the Chaturbate and iFriends platforms, it’s a simple matter of clocking in consistently and doing the work.

Rinse and Repeat.

Whale Watching

Have you ever heard of a Webcam Whale? More importantly, have you ever seen one? Well, Webcam Whales are guys who spend MASSIVE amounts of money on their favorite webcam models. They are not myths, fables, or fairy tales. They DO exist and you should be always be watching for them.

I have known several Whales over the years, and I can tell you they come in all shapes and sizes. I’ve known several businessmen, bankers, lawyers, restaurateurs, a surgeon, a retired expat, a Nascar driver, a Bering Sea fisherman, and a couple of professional athletes. Some will spend a few thousand with you and move on fairly quickly, while others may drop 6 figures on you over time. Sometimes their money flows freely and sometimes it comes with all kinds of strings and expectations attached. You have to judge as you go if the juice is worth the squeeze.

Watch for Whales

I could write an entire series on The Proper Care and Feeding of a Webcam Whale, but that would reach far beyond the scope of this guide. Nevertheless, here are a few pointers:

  • Webcam Whales are not always obvious. In fact, they often don’t even know that they’re a Whale. Sometimes they do, but oftentimes not. So that’s why I say you have to be watching for them.
  • Whale hunting is more difficult in a Chaturbate Free Chat environment than it is in the iFriends Private Chat ecosystem. On CB it’s relatively difficult to have a private conversation with someone, and feel him out. iFriends, on the other hand, was specifically designed to facilitate private conversations. This is one of the reasons I’m so high on the iFriends Fanclub. It offers more effective ways for a serious fan to stay in private communication with you (phone calls, for example).
  • To find and hook Whales on Chaturbate, you want to continually reach out to your best tippers and give them individual attention. Give them your private email address and stay in regular contact with them. Be flirty with them on a personal level. Make it clear that you’re giving them more inside access than you’re offering to anyone else in terms of special favors, content, personal emails, etc. In time you will know if a particular guy is worth the extra attention you’re giving him.
  • Some Whales prefer the Chaturbate system, where they can show off their huge wads of Tokens in front of a bunch of other viewers. It’s like an old-fashioned penis contest. So when you get Whales like that, make a big deal about it. Stroke that ego: “OMG!!! THANK YOU!!! You deserve special recognition because you have the biggest penis I’ve ever seen in my life!!!” Positive reinforcement is a powerful thing and it often leads to even greater tips down the road.
  • Most of the really BIG Whales prefer Private Show environments. They want your undivided attention and they don’t want to share you with a hundred other guys in a Free Chat room.
  • POWERFUL TIP: Always use the 100% angle with your Whales. Here’s what I mean… If you’re able to hook a big spender, do everything you can to get him into your iFriends Fanclub via your 100% link. Then feed him a line like, “Come see me on iFriends because they pay me 100%, instead of only 50%.” Trust me… the guy wants YOU to get all the money, not the chat service. So he will do what you ask, and your bank account will LOVE you for it.

Whale watching (and feeding) is a lot of work, but if you land the right fish it can pay off in ways you’ve never imagined.

Niche-ify and Diversify

I touched on this in Section 2, but one major method of attracting new fans and landing Whales is to diversify into specific niches and sexual fetishes.

But delving into fetishes will do more than simply attract new viewers. It will give you some much-needed variety and diversity as you run your regular cam shows.

So be open minded and start with niches and activities that you’re already comfortable with. OhMiBod is an obvious starting point on Chaturbate. Then maybe Cosplay. Or perhaps some light BDSM play with candle wax or furry handcuffs.

Be sensitive to the ideas and requests that you get from your viewers. If they keep saying that they want to see feet, give them feet. If it’s deep-throating (and if you’re comfortable with it), then give it to them. For sure, your viewers will give you some of your best (and worst) webcam niche ideas.

However you decide to proceed, I recommend that you Tweet about it in advance. Email your regulars directly and let them know. For example… What if you launched a Tweet like this? Do you think it would pull in a bunch of eager eyeballs? I do!

Webcam Camgirl Fucking Machine

Besides all the other benefits of exploring various niches, some fetishes can be extremely lucrative. Findom (financial domination) and money slavery, for example, can deliver huge paychecks. But to pull it off, you have to be good at what you do. You can’t just wake up one day and become an accomplished Financial Dominatrix. You have to work at it. You need to truly understand the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of the guys who are into that fetish. It helps to emulate what other professionals are doing in that field (with your own special twist, of course).

So as you’re branching out into various fetishes, research is your friend. To that end, here are several of the most popular webcam niches and fetishes. If you excel in several of these niches, you will almost always have someone eager to give you their money – either on cam or on the phone.

Popular Webcam Niches and Fetishes
OhMiBod Femdom Findom Financial Domination Cosplay
Lingerie Fem Worship Cuckoldry Money Slave Anal Pay
Nylons & Stockings Small Cock Humiliation Cum Eating Instruction Jack Off Instruction Cock & Ball Torture
Panties Bondage Squirting Gaping Ass Worship
Upskirts BDSM Bubblegum Huge Insertions Tit Worship
Face Sitting Pegging StrapOn Domination Deep-Throat Pussy Worship
Smothering Smoking Balloons Sploshing Foot Fetish
Leather / Latex Crushing Age Play Tickling Vore
Filthy Talk Trampling High Heels Sissification Giantism
Orgasm Domination Edging Ruined Orgasms Feminizaton CFNM

Keep Expanding as Necessary

Chaturbate Twitter iFriends Fetlife Youtube

As you explore various fetishes and as you attract more fans, you will occasionally find ways to expand your business. These opportunities pop up in all sorts of ways – perhaps by expanding your Social Media footprint, or maybe by publishing a WordPress blog. Many cam models have expanded into social communities and forums like FetLife. They use these platforms to attract new fans and drive them into their chat rooms. I recommend that you do the same. Reach out to find new people and drive them into your own Chaturbate-Twitter-iFriends network.

But there are other ways to expand as well. I know one particular cam model who has gone on to offer custom fetishwear. Others have been VERY successful by focusing on Fetish Phone Sex. And now that I’m semi-retired from cam, I spend most of my time involved with adult webcam marketing.

Whatever you decide to do, just keep reaching for the next level. Don’t stop. Keep setting goals, taking action, and congratulating yourself each time you succeed.

Taxes For Webcam Models

Webcam Girl Income Taxes

NOTE: Apologies to anyone outside the United States. I am entirely unfamiliar with tax laws outside of the US. So this section may or may not apply to anyone living outside the States.

Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely loathe taxes. More than anything in the world, I detest taxes – particularly Federal Taxes. But I enjoy living outside of prison, so I pay them faithfully. And you should too.

As an independent contractor, you are responsible to send in your own tax payments. The webcam services will not do it for you, like a regular employer would. So if you live in the USA, you have to send the IRS an “Estimated Tax” check 4 times a year. These checks are due on the quarterly dates outlined here.

In addition to that, there are MANY other tax regulations that you must follow to avoid trouble with the authorities. But I’m not an expert on tax law and I highly recommend that you hire a really good CPA.

TRUE STORY: The lady who takes care of my taxes has done a wonderful job of keeping me out of trouble, and has helped me find TONS of deductions that I never would have found on my own. She has saved me Tens of Thousands of Dollars over the last 10+ years.

If you’re still new in the biz and you aren’t raking in $50,000+ yet, then you can probably do the taxes yourself with a program like TaxAct or TurboTax. But you should definitely invest in a good book like Lower Your Taxes – BIG TIME! to help you find deductions and lower your tax exposure.

But once you start making more than $50,000 you really should consider hiring a tax professional. Here’s a LifeHacker article that discusses how to find a good tax preparer.

The only thing I’ll add to that article is this… When you interview a potential CPA, tell them that you are a self-employed independent contractor. Reveal up front that you work as an adult entertainer, and that you may need assistance determining what business expenses are and are not tax deductible. Ask them if they are comfortable with all of that up front. If they’re not comfortable, then thank them for their time, move on, and find someone else. No big deal.

This is an important step because you’re building a relationship of trust with this person. You want him/her to be on your side. And you don’t want the fact that you use dildos for your business to be a point of embarrassment.

One last thing I always say to camgirls – especially the ones who think they can skirt around the tax laws and never get caught… I promise you… It may take a couple of years, but the Federal Goons will catch you eventually. They always do. I’ve personally seen at least three different cam models who’ve been in serious tax trouble.

So my advice is to just pay the taxes and move on. After all, today the tax bill is only $5,000. By this time next year, you could be earning so much that your tax bill may be 5 or 6 TIMES that amount – and you’ll laugh at the day you only owed $5k.

Managing Your Webcam Wealth

All of this tax talk sucks. So let’s talk about something a lot more fun. What are you going to do with your newly earned webcam wealth? No really… how are you going to manage it so that it will last you a lifetime?

My first piece of advice in this area is don’t assume that you’ll be a cam model forever. Very few models stay in the biz for 8 or 10 years. They get bored, or pregnant, or married, or a million other things. That’s all to be expected. So right now, today I hope you’ll start working on a solid plan to manage your money and make it last.

Dave Ramsey

This is not a commercial or anything like that, but Dave Ramsey is a really good guy. I took his Financial Peace University course several years ago and it has helped me tremendously. I would recommend it to anyone who could use help managing money, getting out of debt, planning for retirement, etc. FPU was especially helpful to me because I’d been poor all my life. And once the money started rolling in, I didn’t know anything about managing and being responsible with it.

But use whomever you think will best fit your life goals, whether it be Dave Ramsey or someone else.

Congratulations!   You’ve Completed Amy’s Master Plan!

I am so happy that you’ve embarked on this journey with me. I’m honored that you read my E-Book. And I’m thrilled that you’ve invested such passion and energy into this endeavor. I know you’re going to absolutely CRUSH this biz and make some serious money.

Now there are only two things left to do…

  1. Plan a Dream Vacation! – Here we go again… setting goals… Where do you want to go? Ten days in Europe? Tahiti? Thailand? Wherever it is, start visualizing yourself taking that vacation. Imagine how exhilarating it will be to visit such exotic places. And resolve RIGHT NOW that as soon as you earn your first $100,000 on cam you will book that plane ticket and make your dream a reality.
  2. Tell Me Where You’re Going! – Seriously, I want to know. Tell me about your dream destination(s) in the comment box below. How long do you think it will take to earn your first $100k? How are you doing with your other goals? Have you landed any whales yet? Are you focusing in on any hot fetishes? It would be really wonderful to hear from you.


  1. Section 1: Building Your Mind
  2. Section 2: Building Your “You”
  3. Section 3: Building Your Playground
  4. Section 4: Getting Online!
  5. Section 5: Building Your Fanbase
  6. Section 7: Building Your Retirement

Thank you for reading. Much peace and prosperity to you. Keep in touch.



  • Well Sunshine I read the whole thing, its very well done:) If u cum out of semi retirement let me know

    take care

  • Hi Amy. Thank you so much for this article it’s amazing and I’ve already started doing a lot of the things you’ve suggested. My boyfriend and I have been thining about doing chaturbate for awhile and I think your masterplan guide is the inspiration we’ve been looking for to get started and make it happen.

    What do you think is the best time to go online and make the most money?

    • Hi Kit.

      Thanks for the kind words. I do hope that you and your boyfriend enjoy WILD success on cam.

      As for the best times to go online… I always say whatever times work best for your lifestyle. Chaturbate never sleeps and they have massive traffic at all hours of the day and night. So if you’re an early morning person, do early mornings. If you’re a night owl, then work late nights.

      The main thing (especially when you’re just starting) is to choose times that are convenient and that won’t be interrupted by other stuff going on in your life. More time is better. And consistency is helpful to build a loyal following.

      Down the road after you’ve landed a few big spenders, you’ll probably find yourself bending your schedule to accommodate theirs. If your biggest whale is only available at midnight, then you’ll obviously want to be available at that time if you can.


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