How to Build a Million Dollar Webcam Career – Section 6

How To Build a Million Dollar Webcam Career 6

Amy’s Master Plan – My Guide to Building a Million Dollar Webcam Career

Welcome to Section 6! This is, as they say, where we separate the Men from the Boys. This is the section that can potentially ROCKET you from Webcam Mediocrity to Webcam Wealth. This is a big deal, and I’ve never seen anyone else cover it the way I’m about to. It’s gonna be EPIC!

But first, a preliminary caution…

UPDATE: I’m adding this update because I’ve received numerous emails from brand new models who are attempting to tackle Section 6 too soon. This E-Book is subtitled My Guide to Building a Million Dollar Webcam Career. The entire point is to outline the *exact* steps (in order) that I would take if I were launching my own career from scratch. So if you’re still new to the webcam modeling business, I recommend that you go back to the beginning of this guide and make sure that you’ve mastered each section one by one.

I’m not trying to be condescending – please know that. It’s just that if you haven’t already mastered the previous sections, you’re going to have disappointing results with Section 6. Indeed, Section 6 requires a certain amount of infrastructure to make it work – and it assumes that you’ve already spent considerable time doing live shows, that you’re already building a healthy following, and that you’re actively using Social Media for self promotion.

BUT! If you’ve already accomplished all of the things in the previous sections, then I’m sure you will absolutely CRUSH Section 6! You will absolutely KILL it, and you’ll see your income skyrocket!

OK, we have a F*CKTON of stuff to cover, so let’s get started right now.

Section 6: Expanding Your Business


  1. Section 1: Building Your Mind
  2. Section 2: Building Your “You”
  3. Section 3: Building Your Playground
  4. Section 4: Getting Online!
  5. Section 6: Expanding Your Business

The Power of Recurring Billing and the iFriends Fanclub

iFriends Fanclub - Recurring Billing

I cannot tell you how many hundreds of emails I’ve received from camgirls eager to expand their businesses by building their own Paysites. Invariably they ask me about merchant accounts, credit card billing, content management, adult hosting, video encoding, password security, and on and on. And my answer is always the same…

There is NO REASON to build your own Paysite. iFriends review has already done it for you.

So while the idea is perfectly sound – and I applaud ANYONE who wants to expand their business with a Membership site – it would be a mistake to do it yourself. Here’s why:

  • Recurring Billing: iFriends already has the infrastructure in place. You never have to deal with merchant accounts, credit card issues, chargebacks, passwords, etc.
  • 100% Payouts: iFriends is the only adult site that offers true 100% payouts. If you recruit a member directly into your Fanclub, you get 100% of the money he spends on you for life! You don’t even have to pay the credit card processing fees – which in the adult industry are usually 10%-15%.
  • Content Management: The iFriends Fanclubs offer unlimited storage for unlimited pictures and videos. Their Bulk Upload tool is a breeze to use, and you don’t have to worry about video rendering / playback issues. All of that is handled automatically.
  • Content Security: The iFriends Fanclub platform has many built-in security features to protect your content. For example, it’s virtually impossible for someone to use a content scraper/robot to automatically rip your entire content library. This is a huge problem with traditional adult content management systems, but iFriends’ system prevents it.
  • Zero Development Time: The iFriends Fanclub system is already done. You can sign up today and be open for business within a matter of hours.
  • No Hosting Burdens: iFriends provides unlimited hosting built right in. No need to pay for hosting or maintain your own servers.
  • Use Your Own Domain: You can easily redirect your own domain directly to the Fanclub or you can build your own tours and let iFriends handle the Membership and content tasks.
  • Awesome Features: The iFriends Fanclub platform offers powerful, money-making features that would cost THOUSANDS of dollars to replicate on your own. The Fanclubs feature a built-in Private Phone Sex option, Monthly Memberships, Annual Memberships, Make-a-Date, Virtual Gifts, VoiceMail, Tip Buttons, and much more.

Some may be wondering… “OK Amy, but what’s the point? Why are you making such a big deal about this?”

The point is… there’s HUGE money to be made through Membership sites. And though most don’t know it, recurring billing is a camgirl’s best friend!

Let me show you what I mean. The screenshots below show the Member Activity of 3 different members from my own iFriends Fanclub.

iFriends Fanclub - Recurring Billing Stats

As you can see, all three Members are still active subscribers.

The first guy, Member A, has been a subscriber to my Fanclub since October, 2004 – which is 135 months! And since I recruited him through my own 100% link – nearly 12 years ago – I earn 100% payouts on him. That’s $29.99/month for 135 months, which is $4048.65 in my bank account from this one guy. Incidentally, this member has spent many Tens of Thousands of Dollars on Private Video Chat sessions as well – all at 100%.

The next guy, Member B, has been a 100% subscriber since February, 2007 – almost 9 YEARS! He has rebilled 106 times, and I’ve earned $3178.94 from his memberships.

Similarly, Member C has been a 100% member since May of 2010 – almost 6 YEARS. That’s 68 rebills and $2039.32 in revenues.

And I have literally THOUSANDS more screenshots just like these. Some guys only rebill 2 – 4 times. Others rebill 8, 12, 20, 50, 90 times. And I’m telling you… it’s the easiest money you will ever make. All you have to do is periodically upload some pics or videos. Answer some emails. Take some ($4.99/minute) Phone Sex calls. Run some Fanclub Shows. And the money rolls in week after week, like clockwork.

Seriously. Honestly. I’m going to say it again. iFriends Fanclub money is the EASIEST money you will ever make in your life.

One more thing about the recurring revenue before we move on… All of that income is ON TOP of the income that you earn through live Video Chat and Phone Sex sales. So if a member calls you on the phone, you get his $29.99 monthly Membership Fee PLUS the $4.99/minute rate for the Phone Sex. Pretty sweet, huh?

Now… multiply that by 100 members. Or 300 members. Or 500 members. I assure you that those kinds of membership numbers, while uncommon, are absolutely possible with diligent self promotion. The rest of this section will explain exactly how to do it.

Chaturbate + iFriends = $$$$$$$

From the very beginning I’ve said that newbies need to start on Chaturbate review. I’ve also said that I do not recommend iFriends review for first timers. Check my full length reviews (gray buttons) for specifics. In short, the reason is traffic. Chaturbate has HUGE traffic. iFriends… not so much.

But now you see me saying “Ra! Ra! iFriends! Go iFriends!”

You’re probably thinking, “WTF?”

Well let me show you how all of this fits together…

Chaturbate Twitter Traffic

In Section 4 of this guide you signed up for Chaturbate and you started rockin’ your live webcam shows. In Section 5 you started building your fanbase and promoting yourself through Social Media outlets, like Twitter. So you’ve effectively built the structure we see above. When Chaturbate members come into your room, you tell them to follow you on Twitter. When you meet new people on Twitter, you tell them to follow your link to come see you on Chaturbate.

It’s a nice little synergy. You’re using Twitter to [A] bring in new admirers and [B] to keep your existing fans plugged into you – even when you’re offline. As you continue this routine, your fans will always know they can connect with you 24/7 either on Chaturbate or Twitter. Awesome.

Now what do you think would happen if you suddenly launched a Tweet like this…

iFriends Fanclub Tweet

If you’ve been working Twitter correctly, then you should score several 100% signups from that single Tweet. Do you see how powerful that is?

You’re driving your own traffic to an irresistible offer that they simply can’t refuse. All you have to do now is wait for the money to start rolling in.

I mean, these guys are already into you. They are ready to do anything you ask of them – especially if it’s FREE. So when you make them a crazy good offer like that, they’re going to jump on it. They’ll push and shove to make sure they are one of the lucky few who get the Free Membership.

STOP: I forgot to explain something very important. You need to know that iFriends gives every member a truly Free 30 Day Trial to your Fanclub. So the member will not pay the $29.99 fee for the first month – BUT – iFriends still pays you the $29.99 anyway! Crazy huh? Let that sink in. The Member doesn’t pay for the membership. But you still get paid anyway. iFriends eats the cost of the 30 Day Trial themselves. So you literally get paid for giving away FREE Memberships to your own Fanclub.

So if you launch your New Fanclub with a Tweet like the one above, you should have no problem getting several signups right away. If you get 10 guys, that’s $299 in your pocket right then and there… And a solid majority of those guys are going to rebill for 2 – 4 months (or more). And all you did was send out a little Tweet. Amazing!

IMPORTANT: Notice that my Master Plan involves promoting your iFriends Fanclub from Twitter, NOT from Chaturbate. You never want to promote one cam site on another. That’s prohibited and it will get you banned faster than anything else. But there are no rules against promoting multiple sites from Twitter or on your own websites.

So that’s our aim. We want to expand upon what we’ve already built. We want to use Twitter as a central hub to drive traffic to Chaturbate and iFriends like this:

Chaturbate iFriends Twitter Traffic

This model allows our traffic to flow naturally (and ethically) from one platform to another. Guys from Chaturbate will be curious about joining your iFriends Fanclub, downloading your pics, phone sex options, etc, etc. And guys from iFriends will undoubtedly visit your Free Chat shows on Chaturbate. Beautiful, huh?

Become an iFriends Model and Create Your Fanclub

So that’s the bird’s-eye view. That’s the goal. To make it happen, you obviously need to get setup as a Model on iFriends. So let’s do that right now.

NOTE: This button is my official Affiliate Link. If my work in this E-Book has helped you, please use my link. Doing so will cost you nothing and I will earn a small commission for referring you. Thank you!

iFriends Registration

When you click the button above, you will see a page like the screenshot below. Accurately enter all the information and submit.

iFriends Model Registration

I won’t waste time going through every screenshot of the signup process, but it is similar to the process we walked through when you joined Chaturbate. You will need to provide similar age verification documents. And they will generally have you approved within 24-48 hours.

If you encounter any problems or if you have questions, look for the “LIVE MODEL SUPPORT” button at the top of the page. That will connect you to a helpful Chathost Support Representative 24 hours a day.

After you’ve completed the Model Registration process, you will have a Fanclub like mine, pictured below.

Your direct 100% link will look like this:

iFriends Fanclub

The iFriends Fanclub system is much more robust than the Chaturbate system. It will take quite a bit of time to tweak all the settings and type out your Bio data. But the Fanclub is a full-featured Membership portal. If you were building a platform like this from scratch it would take weeks or months of development time and a fleet of programmers to put it all together. So even though it’s a bit tedious, you’re still WAY ahead of the game.

Of course, you should upload some picture and video content. And you can set permissions on each file individually. So some pics/vids can be for Members only. And others can be open to everyone. I recommend doing a mixture of both. Use some pics/vids as teasers and others for Members.

TIP #1: I always encourage models to put their BEST quality work in their Fanclubs. Use HD pics and vids if you can and don’t give your best stuff away free. Reserve your best for the FC. Remember that $30 REBILLS are the name of the game. To maximize retention you want to provide a user experience so awesome that guys won’t ever want to leave. It’s easier than it sounds, but it does require an investment in quality content and quality time.

TIP #2: One thing that I’ve noticed over the years… Retention is much simpler if you’re hosting your live cam shows regularly. If you take too much time off – like weeks at a time – then guys will lose interest and your memberships levels will fall off fairly quickly. I’m going to talk more about HOW to manage your live shows below, but for now, just let me reinforce how important it is to set that regular schedule and stick to it.

TIP #3: Be sure to post your Twitter link prominently in your Fanclub, on your wall, in your status, etc. Since Twitter is the central hub that ties everything together, you want your iFriends guys to find you on Twitter.

iFriends Model Control Center

To make all these tweaks and updates you’ll need to visit your Model Control Center. To do that, use the link in the upper right-hand corner of the page. That link will give you access to all your essential tools and settings.

I can’t possibly describe every feature of the Fanclub. It’s way too massive and feature-rich to cover everything in this E-Book. But iFriends has done a good job of explaining each feature and how to use it. Watch for their helpful tips and remember that their Live Model Support chat is available 24 hours a day if you have questions.

Broadcasting on iFriends

Ok, so I’m assuming that you already have some solid Free Chat experience on Chaturbate. So you know how that works. And I’m assuming that you’re now setup on iFriends. You’ve set your Profile picture and your Fanclub is starting to take shape. The next step is to do a few live shows on iFriends to become familiar with their system.

When you’re brand new on iFriends you should definitely do Free To Private shows (there’s a drop down menu on the Start Session interface). There’s always more traffic in Free To Private rooms, but I’m warning you now… it’s *NOTHING* like Chaturbate. It’s an entirely different experience. You’ll probably only have 10 to 20 viewers an hour. But don’t let the low traffic worry you. There’s a method to my madness. And as you’ll see below, iFriends’ low traffic will actually become an asset.

The entire point of doing these preliminary Free To Private shows is to familiarize yourself with the chat interface, and the wild difference between iFriends and Chaturbate. Set your price per minute at $2.99 or $3.99. And take the system for a good long test drive. Do a thorough job of learning all the sounds and settings. You may or may not make any money, but that doesn’t matter at this point. Your primary focus is just learning.

Once you’re sufficiently comfortable with the iFriends video chat system, it’s time to Simulcast.

Simulcasting on Chaturbate and iFriends

Chaturbate iFriends Paradise

So now that you’re familiar with iFriends’ video chat system we want to simulcast on Chaturbate and iFriends at the same time. To do this, you can either setup a second computer and webcam, or you can use just one computer and a handy little program like SplitCam or ManyCam. SplitCam will take the signal from your USB Webcam and make it available on multiple services at once.

I strongly recommend a 2 computer + 2 webcam setup, as it’s much easier to manage in the long run. But a single computer + SplitCam setup is OK. The biggest problem with using a single computer is that you have to jump back and forth between two browser windows. With 2 computers, you can easily glance from one screen to another as necessary.

Whichever way you decide to handle the technical details, here’s the strategy you’re seeking to implement…

  • Set Your iFriends Per-Minute Price: In this situation, I would set my price at $3.99/minute. Experiment as necessary to maximize your profitability over time, but $3.99 is a good starting price.
  • Go Live on iFriends: This time when you start your live session, select the Standard option, not the Free To Private option. In Standard video chat you are hidden behind a blurry Privacy Wrapper that looks like this:
    iFriends Privacy Wrapper

    Viewers can hear you and they can see that you’re moving behind the blurry privacy veil. But you’re totally blurred out. If they want to watch your unblurred video feed, they have to take you Private at your per-minute price by clicking the “View Unrestricted Video” button.

  • Set Your iFriends Audio: This is important. Make sure your audio is ON. We want guys to hear how much fun you’re having behind that Privacy Wrapper.
  • Broadcast on Chaturbate: Ok, now… while you’re still live on iFriends switch over to your other computer (or browser window) and login for your regular Chaturbate show. Run the show pretty much as you always have. Since there’s so much traffic on CB, and relatively little on iFriends, you’re going to focus almost all your time and effort on your CB chat room.
  • Listen for the iFriends Dings and Rings: The iFriends room will mostly take care of itself, but you should listen for the various dings and rings in that room. When someone rings in for a Private show acknowledge them by name as soon as possible. Say something like “Hi BigJohn69, Welcome to my Hardcore Show!” And then continue on teasing and entertaining your CB viewers. Don’t ignore the iFriends viewer. If he gives you specific requests, try to fulfill them. But a lot of times he will just sit there and watch whatever you’re already doing for your Chaturbate viewers.
  • Enjoy Bonus Bucks: Do you see how powerful this is? You’re earning Bonus Bucks every time you go online. While performing your usual Chaturbate shows, you will also have viewers popping in and out of your iFriends sessions. For every minute an iFriends viewer spends in your room you get another $2 – $3 in your pocket. And that’s on top of all the Chaturbate Tokens you’re earning. So you’re effectively getting paid to do Private shows and Free Chat Tokens at the same time!
  • Twitter, Twitter, Twitter: When you’re doing your live shows always remind your guys on both platforms to follow you on Twitter. And offer them something special for making the effort to follow your Tweets daily. As we discussed earlier, Twitter is the central hub that connects your Chaturbate life to your iFriends Fanclub. This is how you get your fans to flow naturally from one platform to the other, and vice versa.

BIG HINT #1: Let me quickly explain why this strategy works GREAT with iFriends and not other cam sites… In iFriends’ Standard chat you’re behind their unique Privacy Wrapper. You’re not in wide open Free Chat, like on Streamate. So you can be doing extreme hardcore stuff on Chaturbate (earning your Tokens like usual), and nobody on iFriends will be able to see you unless and until they take you Private and start paying your per-minute rate. This can’t work on cam sites like Streamate and Live Jasmin because those platforms force you to do Free Chat sessions, and you can’t show full nudity in Free Chat on those services.

Bored iFriends Models

BIG HINT #2: Another reason this works so well with iFriends is because the chat rooms on iFriends are generally very low energy compared to Chaturbate. It’s difficult to explain, but if you take time to compare, you’ll understand what I mean. iFriends viewers are accustomed to entering a chat room and seeing a sleepy, bored model with a ho-hum expression and low energy written all over her face. Sad, but true. So my Master Plan method takes advantage of that. You are going to stand out dramatically versus all the other iFriends models, because you will be in Chaturbate mode – happy and raucous and exciting and interactive. Seriously… when iFriends members pop into your Private chat they’re going to be delighted by your energy and they will stick around for a long time (at $3.99/minute) just to figure out what’s going on.

FREE Weekly Fanclub Show:

Alright. Now here’s the Megaton Bomb that’s going to blow all your followers’ minds. Are you ready?

iFriends Free Fanclub Show

iFriends allows you to run FREE cam shows exclusively for your Fanclub Members. Obviously, the only people who can access the shows are your active Fanclub subscribers. And as you might imagine, they are AWESOME for attracting new members and retaining existing members. So I suggest offering 1 Free Fanclub Show per week, and making a big splash about them on your Twitter feed.

Make these shows special. Make them a weekly MUST-SEE EVENT. Choose your own unique themes, times, and durations. Invest some extra effort into marketing them. Email your best customers… Doing all of these things will make it super hard for your members to unsubscribe. They won’t want to miss your special, exclusive shows. THIS is why I said earlier that it’s easier than it may seem to keep your retention rates high.

Your Chaturbate fans are going to be wildly curious about these Free Shows and you should have no problem converting many of them to 100% Payout subscribers. And then when they see all the other features you’re offering in your Fanclub, they’re going to stick around for months or possibly even years.

These Free Fanclub shows serve another important purpose as well. They introduce your Chaturbate audience to the iFriends system – and believe it or not – some of the bigger spenders will much prefer iFriends over Chaturbate. I’m going to talk more about this in Section 7, but for now I’ll say this… many big spenders prefer iFriends-style Private shows over Chaturbate’s Free Chat shows. They want you all to themselves, and they’re willing to pay a premium price for the privilege. Anyway, we’ll cover that in more detail in the next Section.

Ok, that’s enough for this section. If you haven’t yet signed up to create your own iFriends Fanclub, please use my Affiliate Link (the big red button below) to do that now.

iFriends Registration


Congratulations!   You’ve Completed Section 6

Like Section 5, this section is never truly “Completed.” It is an ongoing process designed to lift your income higher and higher the longer you implement it.

I hope you see how funneling your Chaturbate traffic into the iFriends Fanclub platform can provide an entirely new, and lucrative source of monthly recurring revenue. Those rebills can add up to BIG money month after month, and the best thing is… those rebills come in automatically, even when you’re offline!

As I’ve said many times, this is the exact business plan I would use for my own business. If I’ve accomplished nothing else, I hope I’ve helped to foster some of your own ideas about expanding your webcam business.

In Section 7 we’re going to wrap things up. I will reveal the next major step in your business’ evolution, and I’ll even discuss a couple of key strategies to help manage your hard-earned webcam wealth.


  1. Section 1: Building Your Mind
  2. Section 2: Building Your “You”
  3. Section 3: Building Your Playground
  4. Section 4: Getting Online!
  5. Section 6: Expanding Your Business

As always, I want to know your thoughts and questions about this section. I know there’s a TON of information here. Is it too involved? Too complicated? Are you excited and exhilarated by the idea of expanding and increasing your income? Please let me know in the comment form below.



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