How to Build a Million Dollar Webcam Career – Section 5

How To Build a Million Dollar Webcam Career 5

Amy’s Master Plan – My Guide to Building a Million Dollar Webcam Career

Welcome to Section 5! If you haven’t yet completed the earlier sections, I recommend going back and starting from the beginning. The earlier sections are the foundation for everything we’re doing on this page.

Section 5 will help you propel your business to the next level. Now that you’re online and regularly performing live cam shows, your task is to make those shows as profitable as possible, and there’s no better way to boost your income than to build a huge fanbase. More Viewers = More Money.

Section 5: Building Your Fanbase!


  1. Section 1: Building Your Mind
  2. Section 2: Building Your “You”
  3. Section 3: Building Your Playground
  4. Section 5: Building Your Fanbase
  5. Section 7: Building Your Retirement

More Viewers = More Money

Can I share a short personal story? The very first job I ever had was in a small-ish Mom & Pop flower shop. The owner, Mr. Jennings, was a kind, elderly gentleman who built the business from the ground up. He’d been a self-made businessman for many decades, and he knew his craft well.

My first day on the job he was explaining my responsibilities, how to work the cash register, write orders, etc. And I’ll never forget… he told me this: “Amy, if you don’t remember anything else I teach you, remember your #1 job is to make the customer happy. Make him so happy that he instantly thinks about US the next time he needs flowers.”

He went on to say, “Every person who walks through that door has money in his pocket. And we want him to feel happy about leaving as much of that money with us as possible.”

Well, Mr. Jennings, wherever you are, I’ve never forgotten the things you taught me, and they’ve helped me tremendously. Thank you.

I hope it’s obvious why I shared that story. As a webcam model your #1 job is to make your viewers happy and make them eager to see you again night after night. By accomplishing that, you will have repeated opportunities to milk the money from their credit cards.

Webcam Model Fans, Followers, Fanbase

Think about it like this – the way a CEO would – virtually every viewer who enters your chat room has at his disposal THOUSANDS of dollars a year. Some earn 5 figures. Others earn 6 figures. And still others are making 7 or 8 figures a year. So at any given time, you could have $Millions in purchasing power pulsing through your chat room. So your job is to do whatever you can to make them happy about leaving some of that wealth with you. And if some guys don’t spend money with you tonight, make them eager to see you again tomorrow. Eventually you will break them down, and they won’t be able to help themselves.

Chaturbate = More Viewers = Instant Fanbase

Perhaps my little story about Mr. Jennings helps to explain why I spend so much time talking about Chaturbate’s traffic. As I’ve written many times (in my Chaturbate Review, for example) Chaturbate is pumping FAR more traffic than any other adult cam site. And that’s critical if you want to build your fanbase. If there aren’t any customers coming through the front door… well… No Viewers = No Money.

So you have this synergistic relationship… Chaturbate’s #1 job is to supply a platform full of viewers, and it’s your #1 job is to make them happy and keep them coming back night after night.

Chaturbate Traffic - Instant Fanbase, Followers

So if you still haven’t hopped on board with Chaturbate, take this opportunity to jump back to Section 4 and get signed up right now. Nothing else in this guide will matter to you until you get that squared away.

Key Steps to Build Your Fanbase

Ok, we’ve laid the foundation. We know that that More Viewers = More Money and that Chaturbate delivers more viewers than anyone else. So what now?

Before I get to my specific suggestions, I need to say that this doesn’t happen overnight. You have to work at it over time. But stick with it, and you’ll have THOUSANDS of followers before you know it.

Alright, without further delay, here are my specific fanbase-building tips:

  • Broadcast Often – As we discussed in Section 1, you should set schedule of “Sacred” work hours and stick to it. Go online as often as you can, and stay as long as you can. This will maximize your exposure and provide ample opportunity to increase your followers.
  • Keep Your Audio On – I don’t understand why some models disable their audio. That’s a mistake, IMO! Leave your audio ON and use it to your advantage.
  • Ask Guys To Follow You – When you’re online in a live show, there’s a bright orange “Follow” button right below your chat box. You should ask all your viewers to use that button. As they do follow you, they’ll be added to your Follower count, and they will receive an email notification (with a direct link to your chat room) every time you login for a live show. Check the graphic below… she has 156,000 followers. Imagine how quickly her room fills up when she goes online.
  • Ask Guys To Tip You – Don’t be afraid to ask for tips. Or set up special challenge / reward scenarios, like for 100 Tokens you get XYZ. When a guy tips you – even a small amount – he’ll feel invested in you, and he’s more likely to follow you.
  • Greet Everyone with Joy – Guys like to hear their names. It strokes their egos when you recognize them personally. So make it a habit of happily greeting people when they come into your room. There’s NO WAY you can possibly greet everyone, but do your best. And study the list of names in your Token Stats page and your Followers. When you see them, greet them and let them know that you’re happy to see them again.
  • Be Energetic and Happy – As you will learn, a lot of people use sexcam sites to escape the boredom and frustrations of their regular, daily lives. Many people use cams not simply for a quick jerk off, but to boost their spirits. So present an atmosphere of excitement and fun. Laugh a lot. Flirt a lot. Be creative. Wear sexy clothes. Play games. Use the built-in Apps and Bots to set challenges and offer prizes. All of these things add to the viewer experience and will make people anxious to see you again and again and again.
  • Be Memorable – FACT: There’s a TON of competition on Chaturbate. In fact, there’s a ton of competition on ALL the major cam sites. So try to do stuff that will make you stand out from the crowd. This can be anything. From sex toys, to close up blowjobs, to wild outfits, blacklight shows, fetish shows, and on and on and on… One thing I’ve done with great success is Baby Oil Shows.
    Baby Oil and Kiddie Pool

    For $25 I bought a plastic kiddie pool, and a couple of huge bottles of baby oil. It’s messy, but the guys love it. Spend most of your evening building up to the main event (and earning Tokens), and then let the slippery fun begin. For extra credit, take your laptop into the bathroom and finish it off with a hot shower show.

  • Be Open Minded and Flexible – Pay attention to the special requests that viewers post in your chat room. For example, if you’re getting lots of requests to see your feet, then do something with that. Maybe you don’t care about feet at all. But stay open minded! And if you’ve got a bunch of requests for feet, simply announce that you’ll do a close-up feet and lotion show if they’ll tip 500 tokens (or whatever). That’s just an arbitrary example, but I hope you get the point. By the way… You SHOULD NOT do everything people demand just because they demand it. Instead, make them earn it. And if you’re simply not comfortable with something, feel free to ignore the request entirely.
  • Go Social – Go Social – Go Social – ◀ This one is so important, I said it 3 times. It’s going to play an integral part in your self-promotion efforts down the road. At the very minimum you should create a Twitter account. Let everyone know that when they follow you on both Twitter AND Chaturbate they will get some extra special goodies. Those goodies can be anything you want. Exclusive pics, maybe some personalized wallpaper images, maybe some dirty jokes, or whatever you can think of. Then post the special bonuses to Twitter periodically. Stay active on Twitter and make it more than just SPAM. Of course you want to promote you live cam shows, but you should talk about real life stuff too. Pics of your pets, your trip to the beach, pics of the cookies you just baked, etc, etc. One word of warning though. Resist the temptation to do ALL of the social media platforms. It’s smarter to focus on ONE and master it than to do several poorly. Most models shy away from Facebook because of their extremely strict policies about risque content. Twitter is probably the best choice.
  • Twitter Tip – When you Tweet, you can link to your chat room / profile in two different ways. You can use the default Chaturbate URL: – Or to save time and characters, you can use the new Chaturbate Fastlink: Either way, your Twitter followers will be instantly directed to you on Chaturbate.
  • Make Great Content – Here’s a sad little reality – none of us are getting any younger. So throughout this entire process, you should be work, work, working to make lots of great picture and video content TODAY. Once the materials are “in the can,” as they say in Hollywood, it’s preserved forever. And that content can earn money for you YEARS – even a DECADE after it was shot. I know, because I’m still making money every single week off of material I shot 10 or 12 years ago. KariSweets is another perfect example of this. She shot 99% of her content 8+ years ago, but she’s still selling memberships and ZIP sets like crazy. So make your materials in the highest quality you can. HD if possible. Publish some of it now (to attract and dazzle new followers), and save some for the future. We’ll talk much more about this in Sections 6 and 7.
  • Be Available and Responsive – Keep a consistent schedule. Be available as much as possible – and be vocal about how available you are! Remember what Mr. Jennings said. We want our fans to instantly think of US when he’s in the mood for some sexcam action. So let your guys know how much you look forward to their messages on Twitter. And if you don’t mind emails, go ahead and give your business email address to certain high tippers. Then… when people message or email you, respond. Always respond. Let them know that you care enough to read their messages and shoot back a quick “Thanks” message. You don’t have to write a novel, but guys get excited when they get personal email from people that they idolize on their screens. This “Availability” factor becomes even more powerful (and lucrative) if/when you add Private Shows and Phone Sex into the mix, which we’ll talk about later in Section 7.
  • Rinse and Repeat – Now look over these tips again. Do them. And then when you’re finished, do them again. And again. And again. When you commit to doing all of these things night after night, two things will happen. First, you will start building followers like CrAzY; they’ll be attracted to you like bees to honey. And second, you will see your income go up, up, UP! As you build more fans your payouts will increase exponentially. In some cases, to truly dizzying heights.

Congratulations!   You’ve Completed Section 5

Well sort of… To be honest, you never “complete” this section. If you’re doing it right, these tasks should go on and on for as long as you’re still modeling. That being said, I hope that you will take each and every point above and practice them daily. Your diligent efforts today will pay off for a VERY long time to come.

In Section 6 we’re going to expand your business dramatically. We’re going to open up new horizons, conquer new frontiers, and boldly go where few have gone before! Sounds ambitious, huh? Well, it is ambitious, but Section 6 holds the Master Key that separates average 5-Figure Camgirls from 7-Figure Webcam Tycoons.


  1. Section 1: Building Your Mind
  2. Section 2: Building Your “You”
  3. Section 3: Building Your Playground
  4. Section 5: Building Your Fanbase
  5. Section 7: Building Your Retirement

Ok, so what do you think of Section 5? Are you poised and ready to implement my tips? Did I miss anything? I would love to read your thoughts and ideas. Please drop them in the comment form below.




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