How to Build a Million Dollar Webcam Career – Section 4

How To Build a Million Dollar Webcam Career 4

Amy’s Master Plan – My Guide to Building a Million Dollar Webcam Career

Welcome to Section 4! If you haven’t yet completed the earlier sections, I recommend going back and starting from the beginning. The earlier sections are the foundation for everything we’re doing on this page.

Section 4 is designed to help you start Broadcasting (and make money) right away. I’ll reveal the absolute BEST webcam site to host your live shows, and I’ll show you step-by-step how to setup your account.

Section 4: Getting Online!


  1. Section 1: Building Your Mind
  2. Section 2: Building Your “You”
  3. Section 4: Getting Online!
  4. Section 6: Expanding Your Business
  5. Section 7: Building Your Retirement

Going Public – Filling Your Playground With Eager Playmates

In the last section you learned how to build a world-class cam room. So I’ll assume you have all your gear in order and you’re ready to get signed up, signed in, and online for your first cam show.

Of course, this is where the inevitable questions arise:

“What’s the best adult cam site to host my live cam shows?”

“Where will I make the most money as a webcam model?”

“Which cam site has the most traffic?”

“Which cam site has the highest payouts?”

Let me answer those questions right now… First, there’s zero doubt in my mind: The Best webcam site on Earth, right now, today, in 2018 is Chaturbate review.

My friends and colleagues would be stunned to hear me say that, because I’ve been a HUGE iFriends review fan since 2004. And I still love iFriends. But there’s no question… Chaturbate is the site I would use if I were starting my career from scratch today.

I’ve written extensively about Chaturbate and I’ve detailed why they are currently the best platform in the business. My full-length review (with hard data and stats) is right here. But in short…

  • Chaturbate has the most traffic in the biz (by far). See proof here.
  • Chaturbate’s traffic is very productive – meaning that the viewers spend more money per capita.
  • Chaturbate’s platform is uniquely addicting for the customers – so they come back OFTEN and spend more money.
  • And finally, Chaturbate offers some of the highest payouts in the industry.

On top of all that, Chaturbate is one of the simplest, easiest to use platforms on Earth. Unlike other services, that often have long delays for new models, with CB you can be signed up and approved in a matter of hours.

So let’s do it! Click the big red button below and sign up using the Stage Name you created in Section 2.

NOTE: This button is my official Affiliate Link. If my work in this E-Book has helped you, please use my link. Doing so will cost you nothing and I will earn a small commission for referring you. Thank you!

Chaturbate Registration

The Chaturbate signup form is super simple. It is only one page and it looks like this:

Chaturbate Sign Up Form

Notice that Chaturbate does not require a Credit Card (modeling on CB is always 100% Free). When you sign up go ahead and use the Stage Name and Business Email address that you created in Section 2 of this E-Book. Select your gender accordingly. If you’re a male/female couple, then choose “Couple.” Female/female couples should choose “Female.” Male/Male couples should choose “Male.” Click the orange “CREATE FREE ACCOUNT” button.

Welcome to Chaturbate

Congratulations! You’re the newest Chaturbate member, and you’re almost ready to start broadcasting. The next page you see will look something like this:

Chaturbate Logged In Page


  1. Your Profile Box – For easy access to your profile, that box will appear on every page of the site.
  2. Profile Link – This is where you update your Bio, Privacy Settings, etc.
  3. Chaturbate’s Terms – This is a quick link to Chaturbate’s Terms and Conditions. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the rules right away.
  4. Broadcast Yourself Link – This link is available on every page and it’s the fastest way to access the broadcasting portal.

Chaturbate – Edit Your Bio

Ok, let’s fill out your profile. Click the “My Profile” link in the Profile Box (#2 in the screenshot above). You’ll see a page like this:

Chaturbate - Edit Your Profile Page

Let’s edit this page by clicking the “Edit Your Bio” link.

Chaturbate Edit Bio Page

This is all pretty self explanatory. Fill it in to match your own tastes. You’ll notice that there are sections called “About Me” and “Wish Lists.” These fields allow you to make a highly customized profile page with colors, graphics, links and more. It’s beyond the scope of this E-Book to explain how all of that works, but I will post a tutorial (with examples) on

For now, it’s OK to skip the “About Me” and “Wish Lists” fields. Or you could say something simple like, “Coming soon. Follow me and stay tuned!” Either way, it’s super easy to edit this section again later.

Chaturbate – Model Age Verification

After you’ve updated your Bio, the next step is to get Age Verified so that you can legally earn money on Chaturbate. This is an extremely simple and painless process. Here’s a direct link to the Model Verification page. It looks like this:

Chaturbate Age Verification

From here you can see that there are two steps to getting Verified. Let’s start with the first step. It takes only a minute.

Chaturbate Age Verification

Simply enter your Real Name, business email, and real birth date.

IMPORTANT: Your real name should be the same, legal name that appears on your Driver’s License or Passport.

This form creates a legal contract between you and Chaturbate. When finished, click the Display Agreement button. You will then be taken to a this page:

Chaturbate Age Verification

From here you should review the contract and verify that your information is correct. Then type your real name once more. Again, your real name needs to match the name shown on your Government issued ID.

That’s it! You’re done with Step #1. Now click here and let’s quickly do Step #2.

That link will take you to this page:

Chaturbate Age Verification

To complete this step, you will need to prepare and upload two .JPG images.

The First Image: must show a clear, fully legible, high-quality scan of your Driver’s License or Passport. You must show the FRONT and BACK in a single image. If you need help putting two separate ID scans into one single .JPG image, you can use online programs like Pixlr or PhotoJoiner, which are free online image tools.

The Second Image: must be a clear, high-quality picture of your face side-by-side with the same ID shown in the first image. This graphic provided by Chaturbate shows what they’re looking for:

Chaturbate IDs

Once you’ve uploaded your images there will be a short delay as Chaturbate reviews your documents. This can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. If you happen to catch them on a holiday or weekend, it can take longer – up to 2-3 days. But that’s unusual. You’ll normally have your approval much faster than that.

Chaturbate – Webcam Modeling and Video Chat

While you’re waiting for the final approval to come through, I recommend familiarizing yourself with Chaturbate’s Broadcasting interface and tweaking your privacy settings.

Chaturbate Broadcasting Tips


  1. Your Video Feed Interface – When you login for a live show, you will use this area to select your video and audio settings. When you click the “Start Broadcasting” button, you will be live on the site and your video feed will be shown in this space.
  2. Your Chat Box – All chat conversations, tips, system messages, Apps, and Bots will scroll in this area.
  3. Your Chat Settings – This tab allows you to customize your chat room, colors, emoticons, font size, moderators, and more.

    Chaturbate model, Zoexrydher, has created this helpful video detailing all the various chat settings.

  4. Broadcaster Guide – This convenient sidebar provides really helpful broadcasting tips and information.
  5. Your Settings & Privacy Page – This tab contains important broadcaster settings including geo-block zones, Group and Private Show permissions and pricing, etc.
  6. Your Token Stats page – Oooh and this tab is my favorite! It shows you all your token earnings.

Chaturbate – Geo-Blocking and Privacy Settings

Ok, there are just a couple more tweaks you’ll want to examine as you’re waiting on Chaturbate to give you final approval. So click on the Settings & Privacy tab. Let’s take a look at your Geo-Blocking settings.

Chaturbate - Geo Blocking Settings

Geo-Blocking means preventing certain geographic locations from seeing your webcam feed, profile, pictures, etc. So if you live in California, you could block the entire state of California, and nobody who is geo-located in that state would be able to access your feed. If you absolutely must block certain regions, do it. But it’s important to remember that the more areas you block the fewer people will be able to see (and pay) you. So use your block zones wisely and sparingly.

Notice also that there’s a field to password protect your webcam feed. This is handy if you only want certain individuals to access your feed or if you need to run some quick tests and you don’t want anyone to enter your room.

The last thing I’ll mention here is about the “network sites” option. Leave this set to “No.” Chaturbate operates thousands of White Label clone sites (like CHT.XXX) and if you change this option to “Yes” you will not appear on any of those sites.

Now, if you scroll down a little further you will see the settings for Group and Private Shows.

Chaturbate - Private Group Shows Settings

If I were just starting out on Chaturbate, I would set these to “No.” Free Chat is the #1 money-making format on Chaturbate, not Private and Group shows. So I would put all of my energy into mastering the Free Chat system, at least for the first several weeks. Later on I would probably experiment with Private and Group shows.

If you’re still waiting for approval, take some time to dig into Chaturbate’s Support Portal. They cover several important issues that are outside the scope of this guide, including Tech Issues, Getting Paychecks, and Chat Apps.

UPDATE: I’ve recently written an article called Tips For Your First Cam Show. You may find it helpful.

Ok. That’s about as far as I can take you in Section 4. The next step is to get your final approval, and to click that beautiful Start Broadcasting button! If you’re nervous, I want you to know that you’re not alone. I think *everyone* has butterflies at first. But it gets better. I promise.

I’ve written in the past about overcoming first-time jitters. If this is an issue for you, check my 10 Steps to Success and 10 Worst Things articles. And when all else fails, just “fake it till you make it.” Summon your inner Spartan. Smile a lot. Giggle a lot. Flirt a lot. And you’ll be fine. I know it.

Congratulations!   You’ve Completed Section 4

Awesome job. You’ve accomplished a LOT in this section!

No seriously. Just stop for a second. And let’s look how far you’ve come…


A short time ago you didn’t know where to start or what to do first. Perhaps you were nervous or confused. But not now! No, you’ve already developed an iron-strong resolve to succeed. You’re believing and you’re achieving, just like Napoleon Hill said you could.

You’re already thinking like a business person. You’ve developed an amazing Stage Name. Perhaps you’ve even created a logo to brand yourself.

You’re marching forward with the determination of a Spartan.

And you’re making REAL progress.

You’re now registered and ready to go on Chaturbate, and you’re a thin whisper away from making your first webcam cash!

In Section 5 we’re going to expand on what you’ve already accomplished. We’re going to talk about building your followers and growing your fan base. This is a critical phase – in fact, it’s the difference between average income and AMAZING income.


  1. Section 1: Building Your Mind
  2. Section 2: Building Your “You”
  3. Section 4: Getting Online!
  4. Section 6: Expanding Your Business
  5. Section 7: Building Your Retirement

I really want to hear from you. What do you think of the progress you’re making? Is there anything I can do to help? Please let me know in the comment box below.



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