How to Build a Million Dollar Webcam Career – Section 3

How To Build a Million Dollar Webcam Career 3

Amy’s Master Plan – My Guide to Building a Million Dollar Webcam Career

Welcome to Section 3! If you haven’t yet completed the earlier sections, I recommend going back and starting from the beginning. The earlier sections are the foundation for everything we’re doing on this page.

Section 3 outlines all the essential and semi-essential gear you will need to begin broadcasting your live cam shows. It also provides several resources to inspire and help you design a world-class playground (a.k.a cam room).

Section 3: Building Your Playground


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Another Day at the Office

ATM In Your Bedroom

“Playground,” “Office,” “Boudoir,” “Bed Room,” “Cam Room” – Call it whatever you want, you’ll need to create a private, quiet space to host your live webcam shows. You will be spending a lot of time there, so you’ll want to make it as inviting and comfortable as possible. The good news is designing your cam room is a lot of fun, inexpensive, and a small investment goes a long way.

Essential Camming Gear

First, there are a few essential items that you absolutely MUST have before you begin. Let’s take a look…

  • A Computer or Laptop – Your computer needs to be reasonably fast running Windows or Mac OS. Anything purchased within the last 3 or 4 years should be fine. But you’ll need a “real” computer because lower-end devices like Netbooks, Chromebooks, iPads, and Smartphones won’t provide the necessary horsepower. Also check to make sure you’re running a recently upgraded browser. I’ve had the best luck with Chrome or Firefox. You should also check that Flash is up to date. Do that right here.
  • A Webcam – For most camming needs, a USB cam is fine. I recommend the Logitech C920. It offers HD quality, it’s simple to operate, and it just works. Thousands upon thousands of models use and love it. In time you may decide to upgrade to a camcorder but it’s hard to beat the $60 Logitech.
  • A Broadband Internet Connection – Check your broadband UPLOAD speed at or You should have at least 1MBPS to reliably stream your feed. Faster is better. If you have a choice, aim for 3MBPS or more. The bottom line is… you want the best high-speed internet connection you can get in your area, even if it costs a little more.
  • Adequate Lighting – I always use a “3-Point” lighting setup with three standing lamps like this one. If you place one to the right, one to the left, and one directly in front of you, then you can minimize shadows and accentuate your ahem… assets. One of the most complete lighting tutorials I’ve ever seen is provided by iFriends right here. They recommend a more robust lighting kit like this one.
  • Comfortable Seating – I’m going to add one more “essential” item that is rarely discussed. You need a comfortable place to sit. If you spend hours at a time sitting on the floor or on the edge of a bed, you’re going to get really sore. Depending on your setup, pillows may be the answer, or an armchair, or an office chair. Do whatever works best for you, but don’t be surprised if you spend as much time sitting in a chair as you do on your bed.

Camgirls - Tools of the Trade

UPDATE: Chaturbate model Crusader_cronos made this extremely helpful video that illustrates the key items I outlined above. He covers computer specifications, the Logitech C920, and upgraded lighting options.

Auxiliary Camming Gear

Next I’ll share some of the other, optional items I’ve always used in my cam room to make it my own…

  • Bed, Couch, Futon, Chair, or Floor – You’ll have to decide what works best for you, but as I mentioned earlier, I’ve always preferred to have a bed and an office chair. That allows me to change positions easily and sit and chat for hours without fatigue.
  • Soft Bedding – Whatever surface you’re on, try to keep it as soft as possible. You’ll be moving around a lot and if the fabric is too rough it can get really uncomfortable – especially on your knees.
  • Pillows – Pillows add color and interest to the picture. They also give you something to prop against as you’re doing your shows.
  • Decorative Lamps – Decorative lamps in the background help to add depth to your picture and also serve to light the area behind you.
  • Greenery – Totally optional, but a plant or two add interest and life to your cam feed.
  • Fabric Wall Coverings – If you want to dramatically change the appearance of your room, you don’t have to paint your walls. Just use staples or thumbtacks to attach fabric to the walls instead. You can get dramatic results with $10 worth of fabric. Hint: Use solid colors, not busy patterns. Solid colors work *much* better on cam. Patterns can yield some terrible picture quality issues and/or force you to run at a much slower frame rate, which is jerky for the viewer.

    UPDATE: I’m including this video simply to illustrate one setup that has worked well for me. The walls are covered in a rich, red fabric. The bed is a small, double-sized bed with lots of pillows. Super soft fabric bed spread. Decorative lamp in the background. Faux tree. Leather office chair. As always, I’m using a 3-point lighting setup, and the video was recorded with a Logitech C920 USB Webcam.

  • Tripod – Depending on your setup, you may want to use a tripod with your webcam. I own one like this, and it has been indispensable over the years. These small, flexible, table top tripods are also quite handy.
  • USB Microphone – Most USB webcams (including the C920) have a built-in microphone. But I highly recommend an additional USB microphone with a built-in on/off switch. Many times you will want/need to quickly mute your audio. And it can be a pain in the butt to fool around with software settings just to mute a mic. So even a cheap microphone like this one is better than a built-in webcam mic. Or if you want premium audio quality step it up to one like this.
  • Cordless Mouse & Keyboard – If you move around a lot, it’s helpful to get rid of the cords.
  • Sex Toys – Technically toys are optional, but over time you’ll almost certainly find yourself investing in a variety of dildos and vibrators.
  • Sex Lube – Makes everything go smoother.
  • Sexy Outfits & Costumes – Some guys are into sexy outfits, lingerie, and such. Other guys couldn’t care less. Certain niches and fetishes will require more outfits and props.
  • A Fan – With all the lights you’ll definitely want some air circulation.
  • Warm Bathrobe – Sometimes the lights aren’t enough to keep you warm, so a nice soft bathrobe is helpful – especially when you’re not wearing anything else.
  • Towels – I always keep a few around. Super handy.
  • Disinfectant Wipes – When you go from sexing it up with your toys back to using your mouse and keyboard, it’s super nice to have some disinfectant baby wipes.
  • Kleenex – Just because.
  • Hair Brush – Just because.
  • Makeup – Just because.
  • Stereo – Quiet background music really helps to fill in the dull moments.
  • Notepad & Pen – I take lots of notes when I’m online. Good customers, bad customers, etc. And I’ll oftentimes need to remind myself of something – like when I promise to send a customer an email, or if he gave me a big tip and I owe him a picture. BTW… Here’s a little secret: guys love to watch you writing stuff down about them. It tells them that you’re focused on HIM and only HIM, even if it’s only for a moment.
  • Bottled Water – With all the bright lights, talking, and crawling around the bed, I’m always thirsty when I’m online. I actually installed a mini-fridge in my cam room so I’ll never run out of cold water.
  • Various Props – The list of possible props is endless. From BDSM accessories, to cigarettes, to bubblegum, to body paint, to high heels… There are a million fetishes and a million games you can play online, so over time you’ll probably amass an eclectic variety of cam gear.

Just for kicks, here are some more shots of my cam room as it has evolved over time. I enjoy setting up different looks for different seasons. I also like to play with the lights to give unique views. The stars, for example, are made by stringing hundreds of Christmas lights behind a semi-sheer black veil. Perhaps these shots will inspire some of your own cool ideas.

Webcam Modeling - Cam Room Design

IMPORTANT: DON’T fall into the same trap some others have… Don’t read my list of optional equipment and feel like you must have everything perfect right now. Perfection = Poverty! So don’t get hung up on relatively minor details. As long as you have all the essentials in place, then you’re ready to go, and there’s no reason to delay. You can add all the other stuff later.

In other words, this ain’t rocket science, and you’re guaranteed to make ZERO DOLLARS until you get online.

Congratulations!   You’ve Completed Section 3

Awesome job. In this section we’ve discussed all the essential items you need to build a world-class webcam room. With some imagination you can create an eye-pleasing space that will give your chat room a unique, welcoming vibe all its own. And your viewers will appreciate your efforts to maintain a cool hang out spot for them.

In Section 4 we’re going to hit the ground running at full speed. We’re going to get you signed up, signed in, and online for your first cam show!


  1. Section 1: Building Your Mind
  2. Section 3: Building Your Playground
  3. Section 5: Building Your Fanbase
  4. Section 6: Expanding Your Business
  5. Section 7: Building Your Retirement

So how are you doing as we progress through my Master Plan? How is your own playground shaping up? Please take a moment to share your thoughts, comments, and questions in the comment form below.



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