The 10 Worst Things about Becoming a Webcam Model

Worst Things About Working as a Webcam Model

UPDATE: This list was originally part of a larger article: The Pros and Cons of Working as a Web Cam Model, but that page grew to over 3000 words. So I broke it into two separate articles; this one and the sister page:
The 12 Best Things about Becoming a Webcam Model.

Yes, webcam modeling is a fun and profitable, but in all fairness, we can’t talk about all the pros of the webcam biz without also discussing the cons. The fact is, no worthwhile business venture comes without some form of risk and/or sacrifice. And while webcam modeling carries few risks, I think it’s important to address them properly.

CONS: Webcam Modeling Problems

#1. Privacy Risks (What if My Friends or Family Find Me?)

This is easily the biggest issue most new webcam models fear. It was a huge worry for me. And it’s a legitimate concern. The more famous you get, the more people will talk about you. The more content you produce (pics, vids, etc.) the greater the chance those files will be shared, and possibly discovered. That’s one of the reasons I say Fame is a double-edged sword.

Most of the larger cam sites have geo-blocking technology that allows you to block certain States, Countries, and even specific zip codes. Those features can be really helpful, but nothing is 100% bullet proof. If some assclown wants to post your picture on Reddit without your knowledge, there’s really no way for you to stop it. You can request to have the picture(s) removed, but it’s difficult to police the entire Internet.

BUT! Let me ask you this question… Had you ever heard of AMYLOCKHEART before you found this site? Had you ever seen any of my pictures or videos? I’m guessing the answer is no. Even though I’ve built several websites. I’ve published 25,000+ pics, vids, and DVDs. I’ve been on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ for years… But you’ve never heard of me and (until now) you wouldn’t recognize me if we met at Starbucks.

So the point is… It’s a really big world out there. There are thousands and thousands of active video chat hosts. You’ll be using a stage name. And the chances of someone recognizing you, while not impossible, are probably not as high as you think.

Ultimately, nobody can make this decision for you. You have to gauge the risk/reward ratio for yourself and determine your own tolerance. You have to ask yourself:

“What’s the worst thing that could happen if someone recognized me.” And, “Is all the money, fame, convenience, freedom, etc worth it?”

#2. Feeling Exposed

For some people getting naked on cam is a huge concern. For others, it’s no problem at all.

Nudity is natural. Sex is natural. Yet there are so many societal stigmas about it, that some of us really struggle with the free and open expression of our sexuality.

Well just like everything else on this list, you will have to weigh the moral / ethical / risk / reward questions for yourself. But I can tell you that once you give it some time, you’ll find that being naked on cam is no big deal at all. It quickly becomes second nature. It’s liberating. And it’s actually a heck of a lot of fun.

Still… there are many girls in this biz who never take their clothes off at all. Instead of selling nudity they sell tease and fantasy. They sell mental stimulation fueled by their wit, charm, and conversation. Still, other models in the Big Boob niche, limit themselves to topless shows. While others only do humiliation/fetish shows with lots of dirty talk, but very little (if any) nudity.

So yeah, if you struggle with being naked on cam, you might explore some of the non-nude options. Nude models will generally have an easier time earning money, but that’s not always the case.

#3. Stage Fright

Scared Nervous Cam Girl

I can TOTALLY relate with this one. I was terrified my first week online. That first night, my finger was literally trembling as I clicked the Start Broadcasting button. But you know what? I did it. And every single time after that, it got a little easier, easier, easier.

I came from a very sheltered home. And sex was just not something we ever, ever discussed. I had all kinds of guilt feelings. I was petrified that somebody would ask me to do stuff I wasn’t comfortable doing. I had all these fears bubbling up everywhere. But I refused to let the fear rule over me.

And here’s the thing… When you’re on cam, you’re 100% SAFE. You always have 100% CONTROL. You never have to do anything you’re not 100% COMFORTABLE doing. If some guy is abusive or rude, you can ban him from your chat room with the click of a button. And none of these guys can ever get to you. You can get their money, but they can’t get you.

#4. Future Career Risks (What About My Professional Career?)

Some models worry that becoming a camgirl will forever destroy their professional career options. In the VAST majority of cases this is not an issue at all. Every major cam site knows that performer privacy is a #1 Priority. If they leaked private details about their models or members, they’d be out of business overnight. So I can assure you… the cam companies are not wasting time, energy, or money to report your activity to any kind of central background check database.

Plus, society is becoming more progressive and tolerant all the time. Things that were totally taboo a few years ago, like Caitlyn Jenner, are today being featured and celebrated in every corner of society. In other words, being a camgirl is becoming so prevalent that it’s almost mainstream. It’s certainly not the black mark that it was even a decade ago.

BUT! You have to make the decision for yourself. If you dream of one day entering politics or religious ministry or the judiciary or some other kind of public service, then you may have good reasons for not wanting nude pictures floating around. But other than those specific examples, I really think you have nothing to worry about.

#5. Freakazoids (Should I Worry About Stalkers?)

Yep, this is part of Fame’s double-edged sword. Stalkers are possible in the webcam biz. Possible, but entirely preventable. First and foremost, be careful about the personal information you share.

Never reveal your real name to your fans. Never publicly share your real address. Never link people to your real-life Facebook profile. Never say that you’re going to be at a specific place at a specific time (unless you have proper security). If you’re in college, don’t say which one. If you’re from a small town, say that you’re from a larger town nearby. If you talk about your friends or family, give them false names (my cat even has a stage name! he he he…). Just be mindful of these things and you’ll be safe from stalkers.

Oh… and rest assured that the cam sites are never going to give out your personal information. As I said above, they know they’d be out of business overnight if they leaked their models’ info.

#6. Assholes (How do I Deal With Trolls and Freeloaders?)

Yep, lamers and flamers can be a problem. But as I said earlier, the positive people FAR outweigh the trolls. You just have to resolve from the very beginning not to let them get to you. They’re just jealous losers with nothing better to do than spread discontent.

Webcam Models Internet Trolls

As for the freeloaders, they will always be there. Drooling, cum-stained miscreants saying, “Show me your pussy.” They’re entitled. They’re rude. And they can be extremely annoying. But there are ways to fight back. Almost every cam site provides tools to block nuisance viewers, and on Chaturbate review you can even name trusted, regular viewers as Moderators. It’s an *awesome* feature that allows your fans to help you squash the losers.

Bottom line… trolls and freeloaders will always be there, but you can’t let them derail you. Just fight back and remember… you will be getting rich. They’ll be forever poor. And while you’re making your life better, they will always be losers.

HINT: Some of the most prolific trolls are actually other wannabe cam models who are jealous of your success. They’re sad little creatures. They’ve failed at life, and the only way they can feel good about themselves is to tear down others. Don’t let them get to you.

#7. Hard Work

There’s no other way to say it… Webcam modeling is hard work. The only way to truly maximize your success in the webcam biz is to hustle. Treat it like a real business. Be available and responsive to your fans. Answer emails. Tweet. Be social. Promote yourself. It’s all work. I mean, it’s not digging ditches or cleaning public toilets, but it’s still work!

I should add…You will not wake up rich tomorrow. Or next week. Or next month. But if you are diligent and willing to put forth the effort, then your earnings will make it all worthwhile.

Rosie The Riveter - Working on Webcam

#8. Taxes, Taxes, Taxes…

It’s a cold, hard fact. The more money you make, the more taxes you gotta pay.

As a cam model, you are considered an independent contractor, not an employee. As such, you are required to pay all your own taxes; the webcam site will not handle it for you like an employer would. So in the US, that means you have to send the IRS a check 4 times a year, which totally sucks. But it’s life.

The only upside to this is that suddenly you’ll be eligible for all sorts of tax deductions. Related computer equipment, furniture, props, outfits, sex toys, etc… all of that stuff can be deductible. You’ll also be eligible for a deduction called “Business Use of Your Home,” which can be worth $hundreds per year. But don’t take my word for it… I encourage you to seek help from a tax professional, as the IRS regulations can be extremely confusing.

#9. Lies, Lies, Lies…

When you’re a camgirl and you’re at a party and someone asks you, “What do you do for a living?” How do you answer them?

I can’t speak for you, but I’ve never felt comfortable saying, “I’m a cam girl, and I make money diddling myself for strange men.” Um. Yeah. No. So you have to lie. And to be honest, it gets old. Really old.

My favorite answer to that question, by the way, is that I do “customer service” for a technology company. And then I hope they don’t ask me any more questions about it.

In time, it becomes second nature, and you grow more and more comfortable with your story. But to this day I still feel awkward when I have to lie about my profession.

#10. Low Income Days

If you’re a webcam model, it’s just a fact of life… you’re gonna have slow days. Sometimes you’ll login and the traffic will be pumping, the tips will be flowing, and you’ll be making money faster than you can count it (literally).

But other days will feel like a long, slog through quicksand. Don’t let it disturb you. Everyone experiences this on cam. I’ve made hundreds of dollars in a single hour, and I’ve had some hours where I made literally $0. But in the end it all balances out.

OMG - I'z so Boring

To minimize your slow periods, I recommend diversifying and learning to drive your own traffic. The fact is, the most successful webcam models are those who actively promote themselves. So yes, slow days are inevitable, but you have the power to limit them.

BONUS! #11. Jealous Boyfriends

Thankfully, I’ve never had this problem. But I’ve talked to LOTS of camgirls who struggle with jealous husbands or boyfriends. Unfortunately, I can’t offer a surefire fix for jealousy, but I have come up with a few ideas that might help you deal with the problem.

OPTION: Bring him online with you. Most sites allow couples cams, and couples can earn AMAZING money. Chaturbate review is particularly effective for this. So if he just can’t bare to see you entertaining other guys, then consider working together.

OPTION: Make him know that he’s the ONLY guy for you. Somewhere deep rooted in his jealousy is insecurity. Battle those insecurities by making damn sure he knows that HE is your only true love. Keep him well satisfied in bed. Snuggle. Cuddle. Flirt. Make him feel loved. That will boost his fragile ego and help to alleviate the jealous feelings.

OPTION: Prove that you’re not falling for any of your online fans – by not falling for an online fan! Just set a firm, solid, non-negotiable business policy that you will never meet an online guy any time for any reason. Not only is this good for your own personal safety, but it will reassure your partner that hooking up with a fan is not even possible.

OPTION: If the options above don’t work, camming may not be the best choice for you or your relationship. Sometimes the risk outweighs the reward.

IMPORTANT: If these jealousies ever lead to physical abuse, then dump him immediately! Just get out. Doing a few cam shows does not justify a husband or boyfriend beating you. Ever! Real, true love is not expressed through fists and rage. So just get away and stay away.


Ok, so that’s my list of the 10 Worst things about webcam modeling. What do you think? Did I forget anything? Please leave a comment below and let me know. And as always, if you found this article helpful, please like and send it to others who might benefit.

Despite the drawbacks, I am so glad that I got into camming. It has changed my life in so many positive ways, that if I had it to do all over again, I would not hesitate. But as I said, you will have to gauge the Pros and Cons for yourself.

Speaking of Pros… If you missed my list of the 12 Best Things about working as a cam model, take a look at it now. Or if you’ve read enough and are ready make money RIGHT NOW, my 10 Steps to Success page will give you everything you need to get online today.



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