10 Steps to Success: Webcam Modeling Tips for New Cam Models

Success Fear vs Winning

So you want to become a webcam model… Not sure what to do first? No idea where to begin? Need help getting started?

This article will answer all those questions and give you the *precise* webcam modeling tips I would use if I were just starting out. I believe this is a step-by-step roadmap to success for 99% of the people who visit WebcamPayday.

#1. Think Like a CEO

I’ve spoken with hundreds of brand new, aspiring cam models over the years. Sadly, it’s very common for them to be in a state of frantic desperation… They need money… They need it now… And they’ll do *anything* to get it. I totally understand! That’s exactly where I was when I started.

But I encourage you to stop, take a deep breath, and look at camming like a Business Owner. We’re potentially talking about LIFE CHANGING income here. This is not just a quick and desperate cash grab.

So do yourself a favor and resolve RIGHT NOW to think of it like a Businessman/woman would.

Get organized. Manage your time effectively. Make a schedule and stick to it. Research and calculate your decisions carefully (but don’t over obsess about them). If something isn’t working just right, don’t freak out about it. Just keep your eyes on the prize and make necessary adjustments as you go. Seriously… Treat this like a legitimate business and it will pay off for years to come.

TIP #1: Attitude is everything! Stay positive! If you are a negative person, then I encourage you to work hard to change that. Sitting around and complaining won’t change anything. Only a good attitude and hard work can do that.

TIP #2: YouTube is my favorite resource for inspiration to stay positive and focused. Motivational and instructional videos have been instrumental in my success over the years. Here’s one of my faves:

#2. Get Your Gear in Order

Of all the legitimate businesses you could start at home, NONE are cheaper or easier than webcam modeling. The only items you need are:

  • A Computer or Laptop – Needs to be reasonably fast running Windows or Mac. Anything purchased within the last 4 or 5 years should be fine. Netbooks, Chromebooks, iPads, and Smartphones won’t provide the necessary horsepower.
  • A Broadband Internet Connection – Check your broadband upload speed at SpeedTest.net or TestMy.net. You should have at least 1MBPS to reliably stream your feed. Faster is better. If you have a choice, aim for 3MBPS or more.
  • A Webcam – For beginners, a USB cam is fine. I recommend the Logitech C920. It offers HD quality, it’s simple to operate, and it just works. Thousands upon thousands of models use and love it. In time you may decide to upgrade to a camcorder but it’s hard to beat the $60 Logitech.
  • Adequate Lighting – I always used a “3-Point” lighting setup with three standing lamps like this one. If you place one to the right, one to the left, and one directly in front of you, then you can minimize shadows and accentuate your ahem… assets. Add some Christmas lights or decorative lamps in the background to create your own perfect space.

Webcam Modeling Tips

#3. Choose Your Screen Name

Your name is your Trademark. It’s a Brand, just like Coca-Cola or Pepsi. Your Name is often the very first thing people will know about you, and it is the keyword they will type when they search for you. So pick a good, brandable name the first time.

I feel this is an important topic, so I wrote a complete article about it. Click here to check it out.

#4. Sign Up to Chaturbate

(Registration Form) People who know me will be shocked(!) to see that I’m recommending Chaturbate review over iFriends review. I have earned big, BIG money on the iFriends platform over the years, but if I were just starting out today, there’s no question about it, I would start on Chaturbate instead.

The #1 responsibility of a webcam network is to deliver paying customers to their models. If they fail to do that one thing, then nothing else matters. Today there are only about three adult webcam sites that are still driving huge (paying) traffic to their models. They are Chaturbate, MyFreeCams, and Streamate. There are a couple of other services climbing the ladder, but they don’t drive the volumes of (paying) traffic that the top three sites do.

For brand new models I recommend Chaturbate review over the others for a variety of reasons. First and foremost… simplicity. It’s SUPER easy to get started there. And since their traffic is through the roof, even first-time models have steady streams of viewers coming through their rooms. This is essential if you want to make money, because No Viewers = No Money.

TIP #1: I’ve reviewed all of these sites to compare their strengths and weaknesses:
★ Chaturbate Review
★ MyFreeCams Review
★ Streamate Review

Those reviews explicitly detail why I recommend CB over the others – especially for newbies.

TIP #2: To broadcast on Chaturbate, you first need to create a Free Member Account (this is the same account used by both viewers and models). Once you’ve established your member account, you will have an opportunity to create your Broadcaster Account and upload your age verification documents. If you need guidence with any of this, I’ve provided several screenshots to walk you through the steps.

TIP #3: One last note about iFriends… They are still a viable option. There is GREAT money to be made there. But you have to know what you’re doing, and in my opinion, it is not a good place to start. Check my iFriends Review and my free E-Book, Amy’s Master Plan, for in-depth details.

Chaturbate Modeling Tips

#5. Start Broadcasting Right Away!

Once you’re setup to broadcast, DO NOT wait. DO NOT overthink it. DO NOT psych yourself out. Just get your gear in order as best you can, have a glass of wine, and get your butt online ASAP.

I’m so emphatic about this because I’ve talked to dozens and dozens of girls who went all the way through the process, they read all my webcam modeling tips. They bought all the necessities. And then they quit before they even went online. Don’t let that be you. If you’re serious about making money online, then grab this opportunity by the BALLS and make the most of it.

If you have stage fright, please know that you’re not alone. I remember being SUPER nervous my first night. I almost chickened out entirely, but I forced myself to hit the Broadcast Button and I made a few hundred bucks that very first night!

You may not make $100s your first night. But you’re guaranteed to make $0 if you stay offline. And you’ll never overcome the jitters if you don’t just suck it up and do it.

#6. Broadcast As Much As You Can!

When you’re new on Chaturbate, they float a little tag over your thumbnail that says, “NEW”. Take advantage of this opportunity, because viewers are constantly surfing the site looking for new models. This is the perfect time for you to start building up your fan base. And the bigger your fan base, the bigger your paychecks!

So use this time wisely. The more time you spend online, the more followers you’ll attract. When someone follows you, they get an email every time you login for a new show – it’s like traffic-on-demand, and as your traffic rises your tips will too.

Most importantly, put in the time. You’re a CEO, remember? So treat it like a business. Setup a schedule. Login several times a week. Invest hours, not minutes… And I’m telling you, The. Cash. Will. Come.

TIP #1: Do your best to make a regular schedule and stick to it. When a fan falls for you he will literally rearrange his entire schedule just so he can spend time with you every day. I’ve seen it a thousand times.

TIP #2: Concentrate on the viewer experience. Try to switch things up from time to time. Different themes, outfits, games, prizes, etc. Chaturbate makes this super easy for you because they offer a TON of built-in game apps. These are a lot of fun for your viewers and huge money-makers.

Webcam Model Tips - Time is Money

#7. Be Real. Be Approachable. Be Responsive.

Think about this question… Why would a guy PAY to watch webcam quality video of a half naked camgirl, when he can get hardcore HD Quality videos with professional porn stars on a tube site for free?

The answer, of course, is because he can have real, personal interactions with the cam model. The porn stars are plastic, distant, unapproachable, scripted, and fake. Webcam viewers don’t want that. They want real; they want authentic.

So my advice is to be as approachable and responsive as possible. Don’t give away your real, personal information (name, address, phone, etc)… but other than that be willing to share as much about yourself as you safely can. Tell them about the amazing dinner you cooked last night. Talk about your favorite sports teams. Share some interesting pics of your kitty cat, or from your last vacation, or putting on your makeup, or your Halloween costume, or baking cookies, or… Just whatever it takes to be real, do it.

And when a fan emails you… respond. Sometimes it’s hard, but you want to be as responsive as you can be. My biggest spenders (a few of them over $100K each) have been the ones I took time to email frequently. So treat each guy like he’s the only one you care about. Make each one feel special. You’ll quickly learn which are worth your time and which aren’t, but don’t let a High Roller slip through the cracks because you were too lazy to email him once in a while.

Welcome Mat

#8. Promote Yourself

Here’s a rule you can take to the bank: The most successful webcam models are those who actively promote themselves.

Every business must advertise, and your business is no different. As you build your career, you should be thinking about how you can drive more traffic to your room. Remember what I said earlier… “No Members = No Money” well the opposite is true as well. “More Members = More Money.”

Thankfully, most (if not all) of your advertising will be free. But it does take some time. Start by filling out your Chaturbate profile page and creating a Twitter account. If you’re not a Tweeter already, get setup and start learning the ropes. You’ll find its a fun way to build and inform your fan base.

TIP #1: DO NOT put off camming just because you don’t have a promotion engine in place. All of that will come in time, and it’s not something that should keep you from running your live shows. The immediate money is on your cam, not Twitter, Facebook, or any place else.

TIP #2: You can link directly to your Chaturbate room with the new Chaturbate Fastlink: http://cht.xxx/YOURNAME/. Use this link in your Tweets, profiles, etc. It’s the fastest way to get new guys in your room.

#9. Promote Yourself and Niche-ify

Seriously… Self promotion is so important, it gets TWO bullet points. Effective marketing is the difference between a 5-Figure Camgirl and a 7-figure Webcam Entrepreneur.

But don’t worry. This is not an immediate thing. It’s something that evolves over time. And as you invest more time in front of the cam, you’ll gravitate toward certain niches, fetishes, role plays, etc. Your own tastes and your viewers’ desires will naturally steer you toward certain interests.

Take advantage of that! Tweet accordingly. Consider creating a related Facebook page/group. You may want to build your own website. Maybe a Tumblr blog or a profile on FetLife. And as you refine your offerings, join forums and communities focused on those specific topics. The idea is to find more and more people who are interested in the unique services only YOU can provide. Find them, bait them, and hook them. Once they’re hooked, they’re helpless, and your paychecks will show it.

TIP #1: I discuss webcam niches and fetishes in more detail here.

TIP #2: As you promote yourself, consider offering some free pics or videos covering your favorite niches. But save your best work for your live shows and paid sessions. Chaturbate also allows you to sell special photo and video sets. Take advantage of that as it’s a good way to boost your income.

Webcam Modeling Tip: Social Media Promotion

#10. Never Ever Never Give Up!

Just like any other job, there are times you’ll want to call in sick. Some asshole will insult you, or you’ll have a slow night, or your big spenders are off on vacation, or a million other things. But you have to believe me on this… Don’t give up!

Think like a CEO. Think like Rocky Balboa. Keep your eyes on the prize. Tweak and make adjustments as necessary. Get up off the mat. Have another glass of wine. And then get back to work.

If you’re having a slow night, remember that it’s within YOUR power to go out and recruit new members. It’s within YOUR power to write a blog about your favorite niche, or post pictures, or make YouTube videos… and use all kinds of wonderful free resources to drive traffic to your room.

There are a TON of ways to make money in this biz, and not all of them involve spending time in front of the cam. If you need a break, take it. Explore your options. Adapt. Adjust. But never quit.

#11. EXTRA CREDIT: Expand to iFriends

This advanced, extra credit step is one I would take only AFTER I was well setup and established on Chaturbate.

Here’s how it works…

  1. Get setup on Chaturbate and get really comfortable doing your live cam shows.
  2. Get your self promotions going like I discussed above.
  3. Once you’ve built up some fans and started accumulating followers, setup a modeling account on iFriends.
  4. iFriends will provide a unique 100% PAYOUT link that you can share with all your Twitter followers, post on websites, etc.
  5. You’ll receive 100% PAYOUTS for any new member who follows that link. Which means there is no 50/50 split, and you keep 100% of the money they spend on you for life!
  6. And since iFriends is more of a “Premium Chat” site, the focus is on one-on-one, Private shows, not the hundreds-on-one public shows.
  7. This format is much more attractive for the really big, long-time spenders because they don’t have to share you with tons of other guys.
  8. There is a LOT(!) more involved with this strategy that is beyond the scope of this article. If you want to learn more, click here.

But I encourage you to stick with the plan outlined above. Chaturbate first, and then iFriends later. As I mentioned earlier, iFriends just doesn’t have enough traffic to launch a lucrative webcam modeling career from scratch. To really thrive on iFriends, you need to have a bit of a fan base already. More info here.


Can I ask you to do two things for me? First, if my webcam modeling tips have been helpful to you, would you mind leaving a comment below? I would love to know your thoughts.

And second, I hope you’ll take a moment to like, bookmark, and share this page with anyone who might need some solid advice on the topic.

Finally, these modeling tips come as a result of YEARS of trial and error. I have personally experienced and adapted to the WILD changes the webcam biz has seen over the last decade+. And I’ve personally recruited and counseled hundreds (thousands?) of new webcam models. I have dealt with their struggles, concerns, and questions for a very long time. So I can say this with confidence… I know what works and what doesn’t.

My best advice is to get a plan – like the one outlined above… stick to it… keep a positive, open-minded attitude… work like crazy… get help when you need it… and DO NOT QUIT no matter what! If you do those things you (and your bank account) will succeed in this business. I’m sure of it.



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