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Welcome to This site is dedicated to teaching people (females, males, couples, and transgenders) how to enter the lucrative world of webcam modeling. It is written by me, Amy Lockheart. I'm a highly successful camgirl with over 10 years of experience in the webcam modeling business, and I'm eager to share some of the cool things I've learned over the years.

If you are interested in finding the best jobs as a webcam model, everything you need to know is presented right here on this site. I recommend beginning on my Start Here page. It's your fastest track to success.

Thanks for reading and happy camming!


Start Here: A Fast and Easy Guide for Webcam Models

How to Become a Webcam Model – Start Here

Hi, I’m Amy Lockheart (about me). I have been a webcam model since 2004 and my career as a camgirl has totally revolutionized my life. Seriously… camming has given me so much financial freedom and so many wonderful opportunities, I want to share what I’ve learned with you.

That’s precisely why I built It is designed to help even the newest newbie start from ZERO and progress all the way into a Million Dollar Webcam Career.

This page is simply a Table of Contents designed to…

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10 Steps to Success: Webcam Modeling Tips for New Cam Models

Success Fear vs Winning

So you want to become a webcam model… Not sure what to do first? No idea where to begin? Need help getting started?

This powerful article will answer all those questions and give you the *precise* webcam modeling tips I would use if I were just starting out. I believe this is a step-by-step roadmap to success for 99% of the aspiring webcam models who visit WebcamPayday.

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Web Cam Modeling on Chaturbate

Webcam Modeling on Chaturbate

I’m going to make a big statement… Chaturbate is the best adult webcam site on Earth.

I realize that’s a bold remark; it’s no small thing to single out one particular adult web cam site and call it “The Best” in the world. There is a TON of competition out there, and all of the top contenders have quality platforms. But when you see the evidence, you’ll understand why Chaturbate towers head and shoulders above them all.

This is true for several reasons, but for webcam models, the #1 Reason Chaturbate out performs the competition is…

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Web Cam Modeling on iFriends

Web Cam Modeling on iFriends

iFriends is the granddaddy of all adult chat and webcam networks. They opened for business on Valentine’s Day, 1998. Through the years they pioneered many innovations that have been borrowed and copied by dozens of other cam sites.

Today they still offer the most robust, feature-rich platform in the industry. Their built-in Fanclub feature is second to none, in that it allows each model to run her very own Paysite, and…

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Webcam Modeling 101: Pros and Cons of Working as a Web Cam Model

Webcam Modeling 101 - Pros and Cons

Webcam modeling is one of the best work-at-home opportunities you’ll ever find online. I honestly can’t think of any other legitimate home-based business in which you can spend virtually zero money to get started and still earn a Six-Figure Income year after year. In a word, it’s Awesome.

But I have to admit, camming is not for everyone and the rewards don’t come without a few risks. So let’s discuss some of the greatest pros and cons…

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The 10 Worst Things about Becoming a Webcam Model

Worst Things About Working as a Webcam Model

Yes, webcam modeling is a fun and profitable, but in all fairness, we can’t talk about all the pros of the webcam biz without also discussing the cons. The fact is, no worthwhile business venture comes without some form of risk and/or sacrifice. And while webcam modeling carries few risks, I think it’s important to address them properly.

#1. Privacy Risks (What if My Friends or Family Find Me?)

This is easily the biggest issue most new webcam models fear. It was a huge worry for me. And it’s a legitimate concern…

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The 12 Best Things About Becoming a Webcam Model

Best Things About Working as a Webcam Model

Webcam modeling is a fun and relatively easy way to earn fantastic online income. Webcam models enjoy many intrinsic benefits, so let’s examine some of the very best reasons to become a camgirl.

#1. Money, Money, Money

Webcam models can earn dramatically more money than you might think possible. Hundreds of dollars per session is very common. And while I don’t have any official industry-wide statistics, I know from experience that most established models generate, on average, between…

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How to Select the Perfect Webcam Modeling Screen Name

Choose the Perfect Screen Name

In the wild world of webcam modeling, your screen name is your Trademark. It’s a Brand, just like Coca-Cola or Pepsi. Your Name is often the very first thing people will know about you, and it is the keyword they will type when they search for you. So if you plan to promote yourself heavily and turn camming into a real career you should select an excellent, highly brandable name at the very beginning.

To choose the best, most effective, and most brandable webcam modeling screen name keep these tips in mind…

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Amy’s Master Plan – How to Build a Million Dollar Webcam Career

Amy's Master Plan - Webcam Modeling Guide

Amy’s Master Plan is just that. My own Master Blueprint of how I would build my own webcam career from scratch.

Section 1: Building Your Mind

I have been modeling since 2004, and I’ve enjoyed wild success. But if I were starting all over again, this Master Plan is the *exact* road map I would use to launch my own career.

Originally written in E-Book form, Amy’s Master Plan has been completely updated for 2016, republished here on WebcamPayday, and is now available free of charge.

In this section – Section #1 – I cover the fundamental first steps of preparing your mind, goal setting, maintaining a positive attitude, setting a schedule, and…

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Webcam Modeling 101: Terms and Definitions

Webcam Modeling Glossary Definitions Terms

When I first started in the webcam biz, I was totally overwhelmed by the amount of information floating around the web. It would have been extremely helpful if there had been a single resource to answer all my questions. Well I can’t promise this huge page of definitions will answer ALL your questions, but it should help.

And as always, I’m eager to read your questions and comments… So if I’ve missed something, please leave a comment at the bottom of the page and I’ll do whatever I can to help.

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